Essay about Being A Part Of A Small Group

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Wither if someone is a child, student or an adult they have been put into small groups at one point in their lives. For most students, like myself, it is for group projects or classroom activities. DeVito defines a small group as,” a collection of individuals who are connected to one another by some common purpose, are interdependent, have some degree of organization among them, and see themselves as a group (pg. 211).” Being a part of a small group involves a great amount of communication to make it successful.
All throughout television and movie productions viewers are able to see small group communication happen on screen. One way successful group communication was present on television was through the show Prison Break. Prison Break follows a man, Michael Scofield, on his personal mission to break his older brother out of prison. Michael is convinced that his brother, Lincoln Burrows, is innocent of the crime for which he was committed of. The crime was the murder of the vice president’s brother. Lincoln is put on death row right away, and scheduled for execution within the next month. Michael must make connections in the prison block that will aid him in his escape, but enemies will stop at nothing to slow the work of Michael’s plans down.
All throughout show, Prison Break displayed the five small group stages of communication. As DeVito states, “the five small group stages are the opening, feedforward, and business, feed-back and closing stages (pg.213).” In the…

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