You Are Not Alone

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  • Catcher In The Rye Optimism Essay

    is forced to grow up faster than he is ready to, and he is pushed into premature loss of innocence without the guidance of his elders, friends, or family. It is important for teenagers to have at least one person who understands what they are going through in this difficult time. Even though Holden doesn't have this person for himself, he acts as this person for all readers of around the same age. Holden's story resonates with the reader and makes he or she feel that they are not alone. Holden is quite troubled and makes some very questionable decisions throughout the course of the novel, but his intentions and desires are still pure. He constantly strives, and wishes for more for himself. He says, "All of a sudden, I'd decided what I'd really do, I'd get out of Pencey—right that same night and all. I mean not wait till Wednesday or anything."(Salinger, 51) Holden has a strong distaste for all things Pencey- related because of its "phony" nature, and impulsively decides to go out to the city alone. Throughout the book, Holden paces between wanting to do things his way and wanting to fit in— to some extent—to have real relationships. This serves as an example for his pure intentions, but it is this very impulsiveness, exemplified in this quote, that is a source of his isolation from his peers. Holden also wishes for better for others like him. He says, ". . . I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over…

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  • Expect To Be Called A Stand Patter Essay

    words they said to me. "Temmy, you are no good." "You will just humiliate yourself in front of the judges." You are not pretty and there are lots of people that are prettier than you who are also auditioning." All these words start pouring through my brain and made me freeze onstage. Looking back now I realize how foolish I was to let those people get to me. I gave them the power to ruin what could have been a fascinating period of my adolescent life. My mum tells me these all the time: "those…

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  • Winter Break: A Narrative Fiction

    Max was outside chopping firewood for his family. Don’t forget, I said it was cold. It is very freaking cold. “I am on my way to go see Rex before Dad gets back.” I replied. “Are your plans for winter break still on?” he asked. “Of course.” I replied. “Alright, let me finish chopping this wood and and I will get Jill and come meet you at your house” Max said, picking up his iron axe. Max started doing more of the manly work around his house ever since our scouts survival training.…

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  • You Are Not Alone, By Ingrid Vasquez

    In her blog on the National Alliance on Mental Illness called “Depression Is,” Ingrid Vasquez shares her story of her journey through depression and how her culture disrupted her mental illness. This blog is part of a series titled “You are Not Alone,” which gives individuals who have mental illness the opportunity to share their stories and impact the lives of others, whether that impact be to professionals (i.e. doctors, researchers, therapists), those who can relate to the situations (i.e.…

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  • Why You Are Not Alone Research Paper

    This world full of darkness where is really hard to walk alone in the heavy path of life, where evil exist in every corner on the face of Earth. You are not alone, just like you many other that are going through the same situation in different parts of the world. Negative situations are always going to exist in one’s life when we do not have the spiritual guides that will help walk through your sorrow and in difficult times. That is why we need spiritual brothers and sister that will advice us…

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  • Analysis Of The Article 'If Your Bills, You Are Not Alone'

    “If Your Parents Are Still Paying Your Bills, You 're not alone” May 21, 2015 The piece that I’ve deicide to write about is on how students like me are still having to ask their parents for money to make ends meet. The reason why I chose this article is because I think it hits home for a lot of us. As a college student, life can be never ending rollercoaster. A lot of us are either going to school full time while working part time or if you’re like me you’re going to school part time and…

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  • Klopp's Short Story: You Ll Walk Alone

    gulasch and a side dish of salzstangen. That is what Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool ordered when we had our first dinner meet. “Don’t worry about the payment, you relax” he said with a calm tone, not that he was trying to be nice, rather he is just that kind of a guy. Just by looking at him you know you’ll have a good time as if he’s motto was, “No party without Klopp”. His wondrous and rare smile made you feel safe as if the world had just become a better place, all conflicts in the world…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Does Technology Make You Alone?

    communicate with friends and family to hold bonds, give important information, or make simple plans to go out that Saturday night. Some people might think that technology does not make you alone but it really does.Technology does make you alone, all because it affects teens kids and sometimes parents. For example being antisocial because teens spend more time on social media and forget about the outside world around them and don't talk to anyone. Another example is, people that get really…

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  • Why Did You Leave The Horse Alone Analysis

    exile? This is the broadest concern of the proposed paper. How is poetry a vehicle for understanding identity under these conditions? There is a rich tradition of poets-in-exile; I have chosen Mahmoud Darwish as representative and his book Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone? as the particular vehicle under question. How does the identity “Mahmoud Darwish” transform into a metaphor for Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation? Although Darwish never wanted a political identity, in separating…

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  • Why You Should Go To The Movies (And Do Other Stuff) Alone Analysis

    In the article, “Why You Should Go to the Movies (and Do Other Stuff) Alone,” by Jesse Singal, is about the fears a lot of people have of being spotted in public alone. Everyone who is alone out there has a guideline of what not to do but new research may prove them wrong. In my opinion, I feel being alone only matters on how you feel about yourself and how the world sees you. Scientist have done five experiments over the years to prove that going out alone isn't as bad as many people say, but…

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