Why You Are Not Alone Research Paper

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This world full of darkness where is really hard to walk alone in the heavy path of life, where evil exist in every corner on the face of Earth. You are not alone, just like you many other that are going through the same situation in different parts of the world. Negative situations are always going to exist in one’s life when we do not have the spiritual guides that will help walk through your sorrow and in difficult times. That is why we need spiritual brothers and sister that will advice us what to do and how to face our problems. That is why I invite you today, brother and sister, to join to the rebellion and promise your loyalty and commitment to our church Divine Light, who believes in the Bible and loves the Holly Gospels. Being part …show more content…
It is for your own good to be intentionally thought of and cared for by the leadership of The Church of the Divine Light. When we do not have someone that is closer to God and that know God’s will perfectly people start loosing their faith and begin to wander in the Go’s path. Therefore, it is very important to obey to the leader’s orders because everything he does is for your own benefit. When you are committed to the church it helps the leaders do their job and their job is to guide you so you can live into accord with God’s wondrous ways and magnificent will and you shall not perish but have eternal life. As can be seen, when one joins The Church of the Divine Light we can bring God’ glory to our lives. God is honored when we are obedient to him. “He is glorified when his people come together in unity and harmony to find assurance, to evangelize the world, to expose false gospels, and to edify one another.” The Church of the Divine Light is the right path to eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. That is why you should join our church where you will find all the answers to your questions and the solutions to all your problems. Helps us spread the love of God and the Holly Gospel throughout to every living

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