Young Earth creationism

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Young Earth Creationism

    Young Earth creationism is the belief where the world was created in 6, 24-hour days, and the age of the world is approximately 6000 years old. The Young Earth creationism uses the great flood to show how it makes sense. Making the world and everything on it young. This ideal that the earth is young is not a new ideal and has been around since between 700 and 735 AD, when a monk by the name of Venerable Bede claimed the creation of the world was in 3952 BC. Many other people have placed the creation in the time frame of 3961 through 4004 BC. The Young Earth creationism view will show Biblical support, along with evidence dating and theologian James Ussher’s important key points. Genesis goes through the creation of the world where God created everything in prefect harmony, and there was no death for all of creation and after the fall of humanity, which brought death to both mankind, and all the animals of the earth. Genesis 5 through 9 covers the great flood, which is recognized to…

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  • Young Earth Creationism Argument Analysis

    of debate. It should go without saying that preparing young children for the future, and how to operate in and become a functioning member of society should be paramount ideals when considering how to go about educating future generations. In recent history, there has been a sizable push to establish a specific viewpoint into public school curriculum—the science curriculum, to be more specific—around the nation. This viewpoint can be commonly referred to as Young-Earth Creationism, or…

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  • The Importance Of Creationism In Schools

    “So God created mankind in his own image… God saw all that he had made, and indeed, it was very good! The twilight and the dawn were the sixth day.” (International Standard Version, Genesis 1.27-31) Aside from the evolutionism theory that all of us learned in school, there exist other theories explaining where life on earth comes from, and one of the most popular is creationism. Evolutionism is a scientific theory based on Darwin’s work, basically saying that everything that exists evolved from…

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  • Dr. Ham's Creation Debate

    The debate to be evaluated at hand is one that included two renown figures who are well respected in their fields of study. Involved in this meticulous debate was the mechanical engineer and science educator Dr. Bill Nye, along with Christian fundamentalist and young earth creationist Dr. Ken Ham. Dr. Ham believes that creation is a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era. Young earth creationist and professor of Biomimetic and Engineering at University of Bristol Stuart Burgess…

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  • Evolutionary Science Vs Creationism

    How it all began: Creationism vs. Evolutionary Science In our modern society a controversy has risen in the scientific community debating the origin of our world between, whether it was created through millions of years or in the blink of an eye by the All-powerful God. Though the argument has already been won our world did not just happen it was created. Creationism is described as the, “worldview that does not accept the undirected formation and development of life but requires intelligent…

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  • Arguments Against Evolution

    from Adam’s rib, he created another, this one a female, named eve. They were trapped in a paradise-like enclosure, called the Garden of Eden. The theory is that from these two, the entire population of humans was created. Other organisms were also created in a similar fashion. This theory is preposterous since it is based purely from a religious standpoint, which, in turn, leads it to be wrought with errors and ignorance. The Bible, although it is very symbolic, is not the most reliable of…

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  • Intelligent Design

    or effect is the endorsement of religion. While the primary effect of an educational policy is difficult to determine, the purpose could be deduced by examining the wording of the ID policy in the context of its proponent’s discussions and communications. As physical evidence began to surface in the form of the Discovery Institute’s early drafts of ID materials (which explicitly mention “the creator”), the transcripts and communications from the school board meetings, and testimonies from…

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  • Three Approaches Of Creationism

    used in order to defend the beliefs of each side. Creation Creationism, the perspective that the universe and all it 's inhabitants were created out of nothing by God (Triune God), or at least by an intelligent designer (ID). There are three approaches to creation, biblical creationism, scientific creationism, and scientific biblical creationism. In biblical creationism approach, the word of Bible is the sole source used to defend creation. In the exact opposite…

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  • Is Evolution Wrong

    These Creationist say that life didn’t just evolve, but was created by one thing, God. Also where Evolutionists say that life evolved over billions of years, Creationists say that the earth is only 10,000 years old. These two sides obviously clash…

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  • Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution In Public Schools

    2) Did you take biology in high school? And 3) If you took biology in high school, did your biology class emphasize a) evolution but not creationism, b) creationism but not evolution, c) both evolution and creationism or d) neither evolution nor creationism? “(Moore 2007) Fifty-one percent of public high school attendees reported that they learned that creationism is a scientific alternative to evolution. While on the other hand fifty-three percent of high school students that attended a private…

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