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  • Barry Goldwater's Advertisement: The Merely Another Weapon

    is to self-incriminate the candidate by using their own words or image against them. The “Merely another Weapon” ad used against Barry Goldwater in 1964 uses this type of advertising. The ad starts off with an explosion of a nuclear bomb and the narrator calls back to how Goldwater blew off nuclear weapons as “merely another weapon”. The theme of this ad was extreme positions on nuclear weapons. The point of this ad was to display Goldberg’s casual outlook on nuclear…

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  • The ENIAC: The First Nuclear Weapon Program

    program inputted. Its applications extended well over solving simple calculations to much more sensitive data such as military uses. However, its first actual purpose was its role in the Manhattan project or better well known as the first nuclear weapon program. It even sparked a technological revolution that paved the way for the foundation of the computer industry through later computer inventions such as the EDVAC and several others. As a result, the ENIAC’s roles in military conquests and…

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  • The Manhattan Project: The Creation Of Nuclear Weapons

    The United States was at war with the Axis powers of World War Two. Rumors that Germany was developing a weapon with destructive force that was yet unseen by the world. Such a device could give them the edge to win the war against the allies. This rumor triggered fear with American scientists and physicists and caused president Roosevelt to create a project to research and develop their own weapon before the Nazis. The Manhattan project was created to research and develop technology with the…

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  • Why Do States Pursue Nuclear Weapons?

    and proliferation nuclear weapons. Unfortunately much of it focuses on a broad look at relationships between already nuclear states, broad global proliferation, and theories like mutual assured destruction, nuclear deterrence, and offensive/defensive classifications for nuclear weapons. However there is a much smaller, but more focused collection of research on a states’ regime type and the effect this has on how likely a state and its leader are to pursue a nuclear weapons program. In this…

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  • How To Prevent Nuclear Weapons Persuasive Essay

    prevent the same things. There are a few different reasons why nuclear weapons have been developed in the past by various existing nuclear powers, and this has varied from preventing invasions to preventing loss of life in their own invasions, among other reasons. The United States was the first to develop nuclear weapons at a time when it could defend itself from its rivals if need be, but it could be argued that the weapons that were developed allowed the United States to end the war with…

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  • Assault Weapons Essay

    A New “Assault Weapon” Ban? Crash! It’s 3 am and Steve’s front door just got kicked in by a pair of men with illegal guns. He runs over to his closet to grab his gun. Then he remembers that just last week the police came and confiscated it. They said a new law had been passed banning AR-15’s. Steve calls the police. When they get there 10 minutes later, they find Steve’s families’ dead bodies and his house ransacked for anything of value. If only he had his gun. Guns have been around since…

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  • Chemical Biological And Nuclear Weapons Case Study

    Question 3: Chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons are capable of generating large-scale effects and are intended to cause serious injury or death. The indiscriminate nature of these weapons is distinctly different than conventional weapons so that there is an inherent threat to civilian populations. Whereas a soldier targets an individual in the crosshairs of his gun, once a chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon is released there is a greater level of separation between the user and the…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why To Stop Nuclear Weapons

    Why to Stop Nuclear Weapons Nuclear weapons are very destructive. They cause terrible damage to anything they hit and surrounding area. Although only two have been used in war the threat that more could be used is very possible. Many countries and terrorist groups are trying to get their hands on nuclear materials and weapons so that they can cause harm to other more powerful countries. How the weapon is made, what it is, its effects on the environment, treaties formed, nuclear security, and…

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  • Nuclear Weapons During The Cold War Essay

    Mutually assured destruction prevented an outbreak of nuclear warfare during the Cold War. The stance against the employment of nuclear weapons arose from shifting norms in international society, as states were prompted to dedicate themselves to preventative war. Additionally, it was challenged whether the enormously devastating impact of nuclear weapons was ethically sound and whether it could be effectively used militarily. The notion that there was no winner to a nuclear war, however,…

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  • Why Do Scientists Make Atomic Weapons

    During the time of WWT many scientists were helping to make atomic weapons. Some of the scientist who helped created the atomic weapons were not happy about the way they were used for various reasons. Other scientists were angry at America for deploying these weapons against Japan. They felt like it was unnecessary to drop atomic bombs. This is why many scientist spoke up when they heard how the bomb was being used and who it was being used against. In the being American first intended to…

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