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  • Drone Hysteria Research Paper

    One hot button issue is the Bureau of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) a subset of the Department of Homeland Security. The CBP currently operates the largest fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles. They have 10 drones including the Predator B and its maritime variant the Guardian both styles at $18 million each. The CBP plans to operate 24 drones with the ability to deploy to anywhere in the United States within three hours. The CBP’s…

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  • Drones In The Military

    In an attempt to increase their effectiveness and capabilities, the military has employed the use of unmanned ariel vehicles (UAV’s). Many types of UAV’s exist, from simple survilence drones to weaponized drones capable of firing missiles. These drones are commonly used in military operations for survelence and targeted hunting. The military should continue using drones because they provide an inexpensive oppurtunity to increase tactical superiority and keep our soldiers safe. One of the…

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  • The Role Of The Global Hawk System Safety

    Global Hawk System Safety UAVs are a rapidly growing part of the aerospace world. Though they have mainly been utilized in military functions, the continued development of UAVs is leading toward civilian application in addition to continued military use. The use of UAVs in commercial environments brings with it a new set of safety risks which must be investigated, analyzed, and mitigated in order to ensure safe operation in the national airspace system (NAS). (Lum & Waggoner, 2011.) This paper…

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  • Drone Flyer FAQ

    Drone Flyer FAQ In Drone Flyer We get a lot of questions about what we can and can not and should not with drones. Here we answer frequently asked questions. If you want to rent a drone are always asking where you sit with, so we have created a list of frequently asked questions How long have you been flying with drones? We are already working on drones since 2012. How long can fly a drone? This depends on the wind, temperature, and the height at which is flown on, counting on 15 to 20…

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  • Fly Like Sully Book Report

    Have you ever heard the term “situational awareness”? I simply describe this as being able to see the big picture and understanding what is going on all around you. When I flew an F-14 Tomcat for the Navy, I had to understand both what was happening inside my airplane and outside of it. To lose focus on situation could mean loss of life. On the inside, I had to keep an eye on radar displays and gauges. I also had to listen to the radio and process information. I also needed to be aware of…

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  • Disadvantages Of The Tie-Line Starfighter

    The TIE/line Starfighter, commonly referred to as the TIE Fighter, was a short range standard Imperial Starfighter. It was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Republic and was based off the T.I.E starfighter and the V-wing starfighter models. They are very cheap to produce and easy to replace, enforcing the philosophy of quantity over quality. The Imperials use so many throughout the Galactic Civil War that they came to be symbols of the Empires might striking fear in those who…

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  • Surveillance In Max Hjortsberg's Drone Poem

    As the technologies that enable surveillance activities become available to the average global consumer, these surveyant technologies permeate into the desires of the individual as a tool to spectate other people. Technologies of surveillance such as camera monitoring, data-doubles and drones have changed how individuals choose to In Max Hjortsberg’s "Drone Poem", it is important to remember that there are living people piloting the drones mentioned in the poem with motives behind their…

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  • Army Scholarship Essay

    On June 8, 2004 I became an active duty soldier. I was following a tradition set down to me by my grandfather who served as an enlisted soldier in WWII, then my father, and my uncles before me. Becoming an enlisted soldier made me very proud and allowed be to continue a heritage that someday I hope my son will follow. The Army taught me many great things including the value of teamwork, leadership, and self-discipline. I was deployed with the 1/17th Cav to Iraq in 2005. It was in Iraq that I…

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  • MQ-9 Reaper: General Atomics Aeronautical System

    The MQ-9 Reaper The MQ-9 Reaper was designed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. There have been multiple updates and refinements to the aircraft itself, but its original design was based on the Predator airframe, also designed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. The original proof of concept was named the Predator B-001, which took to the skies in February of 2001. After the proof of concept was successful, General Atomics Aeronautical System planned to refine the system, coming up…

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  • Essay On Truck Platooning

    communication through technology'. The first vehicle in the series held the responsibility to communicate with the tail. Truck platooning has been in fashion since last four or five decades, but actual date/year of its discovery is yet to be found. The Significance of Truck Platooning Truck platooning is considered as one of the safest transport modals because the trucks travel in a fashion one-behind-the-other leaving a lot of space for other vehicles to move fluently. In addition, it helps…

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