Informative Essay On Drones

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Technology is everywhere- a world without the internet, smartphones, computers and many more technologies that make our life easier seem to be impossible. It has and will always change our life- warfare is not an exception. One of the most important changes in warfare within the last decades is the development of unmanned aerial vehicles-better known as drones. As the name already explains itself, drones are aerial vehicles, air crafts, without human pilots in them. They come in different shapes and sizes, and perform different missions, from border surveillance, reconnaissance, transportation and armed attacks.
In this essay I will try to analyze the effectiveness of armed drones in the war against terrorism, as well as the impact of drone on the future of war and conflicts. In my last part I
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They can operate for a longer time, can stay in the air longer, which leads to better and more precise strikes and analysis.
2. There is no risk for the pilot anymore, which also leads to better and more precise analyzes of the situations, because the pilot is not a target anymore, and therefore is under less pressure. Not feeling threaten seems to clear a pilot’s mind. Pilots now are also able to call off or delay strikes in order to avoid civilian deaths easier.
3. The last element in a comparison between old and new technlogies, and making the new one more effective, is the aspect of cost. Drones are cheaper than military planes with pilots. According to the American Security Project, unclassified reports have shown that the MQ-9 Reaper (shown below) drone has a single unit cost of 6.48 million US dollars, an operational cost of 3 Million US dollars, and the flying cost is 3250 US dollars per hour. While on the other hand, a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (shown below) cost nearly 91 million US dollars per unit, 5 million US dollars per year to operate and 16500 US dollars per hour of

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