Should Drones Be Banned

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Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have a variety of purposes. Those purposes range from peaceful aerial photography and recreation to uses in war and terror. With such a range of uses, many fear for the worse and think that regulations aren’t enough and that drones should be banned from private use. But their uses in farming, law enforcement, and recreation have showed promise over the last few years. Even though some believe that they should be banned, in reality the good outways the bad and the private use of drones should not be banned. Instead, regulations and restrictions should be put in place in order to prevent the fears of some from becoming true. Drones were used as early as 1849 for military use. But since then, they have evolved and have gained multiple other uses. Today drones are used for recreation, law enforcement, farming and many other reasons. With the constant change in technology who knows what the possible uses for drones could be. Their never ending possibility has made them a target to be used to commit acts of violence and crime. Threats posed from there possibilities have quickly been eliminate as regulation and restriction have been put in place.
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The use of drones by hobbyists have given them experiences that can only be seem from the sky. Drones allow for hobbyist to be able to take aerial photos at a low cost. Over the last few years recreational drones have caused problems, and many believe that they should be banned because of that. Crash landings have caused injuries and have sounded alarms but could've all been avoided with some basic training. Along with training, no fly zones could help tremendously and have already been put into place by some drone manufacturers. Those manufacturers have implemented a system known as geofencing into their drones. Geofencing makes it impossible for drones to fly in no fly zones such as airports, stadiums, country border, and many

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