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  • The Shack Short Story

    Within a few years of Lawrence arriving the Colony of Quebec split into Upper and Lower Canada. Upper Canada’s (to be Ontario) first Lieutenant Governor was John Graves Simcoe and one of his many concerns was the threat posed by the newly minted United States and that they may, in the future want to annex the Canadas. He added to the population of Upper Canada by augmenting the regulations to include disaffected Americans that were not Loyalists. Hence, the population in and around the Niagara Region blossomed as the 18th Century closed. The Jennings further adding to the score by having Edward in…

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  • The Fulstow Short Story

    for points in the US and even spoons for Toronto. Lesson’s for a Would Be Rebel For a restless youth this region was not going to satisfy the dreams he had back in the old country. This is not where the action was despite the grumblings of the farmers and workers of the area with their grievances to the old Colonel Talbot who had set up a good part of the area. They would like to overthrow him but were in no position to try – at least not yet. Farther to the east, however, there was a much…

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  • Why Did Canada Decided To Unite Essay

    Canada decided to unite upper Canada and lower Canada to get rid of all problems. The problems that the British Colonies were facing like political problems, economic problem, and military problems. They were not able to keep up, so one of the solutions was to unite upper Canada and lower Canada for stronger alliances. When uniting both upper and lower Canada complication occurred but certain events helped form modern Canada as we know it. OLD CANADA 1867 was when canada gained its…

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  • 1812 Economic Changes

    directly after the war, America experienced numerous changes the years following the war. At the brink of the War of 1812, Canada had a mixture of different peoples whose loyalty to the British Empire was uncertain. British did not found a practical technique, they were speaking English to inherent French Canadians. As a result Canada divide two colonial provinces Lower and Upper Canada. People in Lower Canada were speaking mostly French and there were Catholics who were culturally different…

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  • Canadian Identity Essay

    The concept of Canadian identity is difficult to define, as there are many unique interpretations of what it means to be Canadian. Throughout the development of Canada’s political and cultural landscape, a divide between the historically English and French speaking regions of Canada formed and, even today, this divide continues to exist. The government in the predominantly English-speaking regions of Canada created a single concept of what being Canadian meant, at the expense of other distinct…

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  • Describe The Relationship Between Australia And Canada

    aspects. When a spotlight is thrown on Australia’s relationships with other countries, many often underestimate Australia’s relationship with Canada. It is one of Australia’s most valuable allies. Ever since the 19th century, both countries have been cooperating with one another and that led to having a great history between the two countries. Furthermore, both countries were both colonized by the United Kingdom. Although, Canada mostly resembles its American counterpart, one can not overlook…

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  • The War Of 1812: Conflicts Between The United States And Britain

    Canada was attacked various times by the Americans. The war was battled in Upper and Lower Canada, and on the Great Lakes and the Atlantic, and in the United States. The peace bargain of Ghent, which finished the war, to a great extent gave back existing conditions. Then again, in Canada, the war added to a developing feeling of national personality, including the thought that nonmilitary personnel officers were to a great extent in charge of repulsing the American invaders. Interestingly, the…

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  • Historical Figures In Canadian History

    Despite being a fairly new country, as were were officially discovered 150 years ago, we still do have our historical figures who helped shape what Canada has become today. The historical figures are being referenced are: Willam Van Horne, Clifford Soften, and Sir John A. MacDonald. While there are many notable people that contributed to Canada’s development, those three made the most impactful impression on those studying Canadian history. Without those three, Canada would not be where it is…

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  • Multilateral Frameworks Of Government

    The upper house, the House of Lords, has generally comprised of the respectability of Britain: dukes, earls, viscounts, aristocrats, and clerics. Starting 2005, the very presence of the House of Lords is being referred to. There are a few purposes for living for its annulment, however a blend chose/lifetime arrangement framework appears to be more probable. A prominent proposition calls for 80% of the body to be chosen and the name to change to the "Second Chamber." In 1999, the House of Lords…

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  • How Does Trudeau Fosters Canadian Nationalism

    fosters Canadian nationalism or at the very least- makes Canadians want to remain Canadian? Is it our unanimous love for hockey, our patronage of French and English or our role in the world? Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, writes in his book Federalism, Nationalism and Reason that ‘will’ rather than the aforementioned factors of geography, common language, common culture is the most critical to the ‘foundation of the nation’. He furthers his point by comparing the…

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