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  • What Is My Favorite Memes?

    This honestly has to be one of my favorite memes that came from the year 2015. This type of meme I would classify as a harmless one that had nothing to do with what was going on at the time. Before talking about what makes this picture a meme, I have to explain the different categories of memes. I like to divide them into separate categories: have some meaning and relevance, no meaning at all but some relevance, random picture that became famous. I would categories doge as a random picture that because famous because it’s a freaking dog. There’s nothing special about it that made it become famous on the internet. It’s a dog making a funny face and that’s about it. Heck, any other type of dog could have become famous. What I’m getting at is that means don’t really mean anything. This is what I consider the prevailing narrative. Another example of a meme is shown below. Figure 2: Meme called Ken Bone from Presidential Debate Oh god do I hate this meme. This is a perfect example of how people online can make anything into a meme. Figure 2 shows a male called Ken Bone who asked a question during the second presidential debate. I don’t know why but someone found this funny and decided to make it into a meme. What surprised me most is that the presidential debate should be considered important due to our future president talking about what he or she will do with this country but no. Someone decided that Ken Bone was the most important thing that happened that night. This meme…

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  • Informational Text Standards

    on the information in Article A, _________ would be a good addition to _____________. Select a sentence from Article A that supports the claim.; select a sentence from Article B that shows why this addition would be beneficial. (two-part hot text) Based on the information in Article A, should schools in Article B offer students __________ with their school lunches? (multiple choice) LAFS.5.RL.3.7 How does the picture of the __________ support the author’s message? (multiple choice) Explain how…

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  • Corrections And Rehabilitations Case Study

    Subject was received into the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations (CDCR) on February 16, 2000 for burglary in the 1st as a third striker. Subject arrived at CCI on July 7, 2015. Subject will be housed in Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) placement in Facility A Housing Unit 6 cell B 106L, for self-expressed safety concerns. Subject explained that he was assigned as a porter in Facility A Housing Unit 3, and that Officer Lopez caught him with a kite/note that he was…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Substance Abuse

    Michelle articulated clearly with her answers and provided thorough information. She presented as a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, who has done a lot of speaking about her profession. Our body language was very open as we sat across from each other. We could meet and keep eye-contact as I exhibited I was inviting and actively listening. I felt our body language was very indicative of the SOLER acronym. After talking about self-care, I felt the interview winding down and took…

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  • Commander Involvement And Support Case Study

    A. Commander Involvement and Support: Complies: The commander, Major Derek Williamson, is actively involved in his unit’s safety and health program. He has issued a commander’s policy on safety and developed unit mishap notification procedures. His priorities and expectations for safety are stated clearly. Maj Williamson frequently conducts meetings in which the Unit Safety Representatives brief current safety items such as unit mishaps and open discrepancies. B. Unit Safety…

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  • Performance Assessment Essay

    Final Assessment Performance and Test Assessment. Assignment Instructions provided in class. Purpose: You are a teacher who has planned an exciting unit for her students with well-structured learning objectives that are linked to standards. What will be the performance assessment you will include as a culminating assignment? Grade: 1st grade. Social Studies Topic of Unit: Goods and Services. Making the right choice. Goods and services is very important unit for students that will help them…

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  • Human Service Organization Analysis

    Human Service Organisations (HSOs), all of which function differently. Different organisations will have different aims, structures and environments will seek to transform clients through different technologies. Social workers within HSOs may come across different constraints and opportunities. For the purpose of this analysis, a social worker, Leah Hammett was interviewed. Leah is a Student Wellbeing Officer in the Student Equity and Wellbeing (SEW) unit at James Cook University in Cairns. I…

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  • Case Study: Grievant Employee

    Management posed no Safety and Health violation against the grievant under Article 14 of the CBA. A modified job offer for Limited/Light Duty employees is provided according to their medical requirements. Physical restrictions is the determining factor not, color, age, religion and disability. Each individual who have a temporary to permanent limitation receive jobs based on physician physical restrictions not personal feelings. Management did not discrimination against the grievant regarding…

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  • Freshman Year Essay

    Right after finishing training, she was deployed to Iraq, where she became head of all supplies for her unit. She learned how to be a leader quickly and how to hold an immense amount of responsibility all to herself. I see how she deal with all the problems of my company every month. She’s very considerate and graceful. Instead of making it easier for herself, she insures it’s easier for all her soldiers and keeps us all calm. 1SG Grant has taught me how to be interdependent, to develop…

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  • Leadership Style At Applied Research Technologies Inc Case Study

    examples of his behavior. As a general manager of the Filtration Unit of Applied Research Technologies (ART), Peter Vyas notices that his teamwork had worked hard diligently to get his project on the right track successfully. The goal of his plan is to reconstruct a mini water-oxidation product. In spite of having two failures to reach the outcomes of this plan over past three years, his team still has good potential to make their goal happens. He never loses his strong interest and enthusiasm,…

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