What Is My Favorite Memes?

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This honestly has to be one of my favorite memes that came from the year 2015. This type of meme I would classify as a harmless one that had nothing to do with what was going on at the time. Before talking about what makes this picture a meme, I have to explain the different categories of memes. I like to divide them into separate categories: have some meaning and relevance, no meaning at all but some relevance, random picture that became famous. I would categories doge as a random picture that because famous because it’s a freaking dog. There’s nothing special about it that made it become famous on the internet. It’s a dog making a funny face and that’s about it. Heck, any other type of dog could have become famous. What I’m getting at is …show more content…
How can I research such a simple topic? I’ll be honest, majority of my research was spent scrolling through twitter and Facebook for multiple hours. At first I didn’t think much of it. But after paying more attention to what is likely to get more retweets or likes I started to notice a trend. If it’s cute, funny, or stupid, there’s a chance it will become a meme. Another way I went about researching memes is asking people on my floor what they think of them because it would give me a different aspect of them. A girl on my floor, let’s call her Zoe, for a lack of a better word, she said they were dank. I know what you are thinking. Dank. Yea, me too. She also included that memes are a great source of entertainment but should not be taken seriously. Majority of the people on my floor said that they are funny but aren’t really special. The opinion of my floor mates made me think of memes in a different way. I started to look back at where memes originally come from. Although it’s hard to track down the exact page it came from, I realized that there are dedicated pages on social media that only post memes. Accounts is a different genre for a different day. Another idea that came to mind was going to popular stores such as Walmart and target and seeing if they had any meme merchandise in stores. I got this idea from R. L. Jones, author of I’m with Stupid: Considering the Genre of the Humorous T-Shirt. Jones conducted her research by going out in public with graphic tees to see what society thought of them. Overall she didn’t get the results she wanted, this made me think of how I could conduct something like this into my own research. I decided to take my journey to Walmart. I was surprised with the lack of memes I saw. I asked a worker- typical student worked who can’t wait to get off- told me that the closest thing to memes were some stuff animals and frogs. Who would of thought that Walmart did not have what I wanted. I then did what

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