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  • Persuasive Essay About Freshman Year In College

    Yes, it is the largest transition you have faced in your young adult life. Yes, it is both a frightening and exhilarating new environment. Yes, you will encounter obstacles and sometimes you may fail. Accustom yourself to your surroundings and accept that you are in unfamiliar territory. The beginning of your freshman year of college is a whirlwind of new information and new experiences, and if you embrace it, it is a thrilling ride. Here are, in my honest opinion, the most essential tips for freshman year, paired with relevant asides catered towards incoming students preparing to enter Tulane University. The Tip: Never hesitate to ask questions, especially when you are confused. I entered Tulane without knowing very many people, and it took time to fully get to know campus and my school. Whenever I was lost, either physically lost because I failed to locate any of my classes on the first day, or mentally lost due to the stinging concepts of Calculus, always take the courage to ask questions. After asking questions, the answers lead to more and more answers. Being misinformed is a disadvantage and people are…

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  • Environmental Racism: Film Analysis

    For this professorship, I am proposing the production of a documentary that looks at the issues of environmental racism in 1996 and the attempts by then Governor Foster and the state of Louisiana to violate the constitutional rights of citizens of Convent, Louisiana. Specifically, among other constitutional rights, I will be looking at the violations of First Amendment, specifically the right to free speech and the right to peacefully assemble. Background: In 1998, Robert Kuehn and Oliver…

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  • Importance Of Magic In New Orleans

    While in truth, I often think in terms of black and white, I also often see the shades of silver, gray, charcoal and tar that compose the other 98% of opinions and facts of the situation. The statistical analysis and composition of Tulane University are the terms in black and white; the opportunities and possibilities are the shades in between. For quite some time I have known my major of choice is anthropology, and I have entertained the possibility of a double major or a double minor. For each…

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  • Henri Bibfebvre's Theory Of The Social Production Of Space

    mapping campus revealed that the experience of the students I spoke with rarely lined up with the image promoted by Tulane admissions. In class we discussed Henri Lefebvre’s theory of the social production of space and I originally interpreted the concepts of social practice and representational space was extremely static. Initially I thought of institutions/people in power creating both the representations of space and the representational space as the space was created and civilians only…

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  • Merit-Based Scholarships

    For years upon years, major public universities in the United States have utilized funds provided to their institutions to award various scholarships to qualifying students. In most cases, many of the universities put this money to use by giving students merit-based scholarships depending on their high school achievements. Some of these awards are based on achievements like grade point average, standardized test scores, or community service projects with which the student has worked. For many…

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  • Analysis Of The Pace Path Plan

    A representative of the Pace Path Plan explained the acronym of the Pace Path Plan, which stood for planning, academic excellence, coaching and mentoring, and experiential learning. A question was raised after the representative’s overview of this resource addressing a concern about how they could access the Pace Path Plan and ensure that students continue to receive the encouragement and support after UNV 101, which is the course that exposes students to make a Pace Path Plan for the next four…

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  • Effects Of Pressure On Students To Get Good Grades

    then previous generations. One of the problems being students are constantly under pressure. The biggest pressure they deal with is the pressure to get good grades. They get pressure from parents, coaches, and from themselves. Why is there so much pressure on getting good grades? For most students the answer is because they worry about their future. Without good grades a students may lose scholarships, not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, and not get the job they want in…

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  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

    One can say being a full time student and college athlete is like having two full-time jobs. Student athletes are working non-stop day in and day out to not only meet academic standards but to maintain their athletic scholarship. College athletes bring millions of dollars to universities, but in return, they only receive small monthly stipends for food. With every sporting event, each student-athlete gives their all not knowing if they will get seriously injured or not. Yes, they are students,…

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  • How This Professoriate Fit Into My Career Goals Case Study

    It will enable me to undertake studies at Howard University while contributing to the university through teaching and scholarship. It will be a great honor for me to receive this award to matriculate through this program. During the application process, I have had an opportunity to learn about the Howard faculty members and my research interests closely align with the research interests of the faculty members. I would like to study and work with Dr. Kyndra Middleton because she has expertise in…

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  • College Is Not For Everyone Essay

    College is Not for Everyone Today, more people than ever are attending community colleges and universities. Often, a collegiate degree is a prerequisite to meaningful employment (Pincus, 341). There is even social pressure pushing many to attend. I feel that the university education system has many structural shortcomings, and that institutions of higher learning often do not have students ' best interests at heart. I feel, simply, that college is not for everyone. An opportunity for some,…

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