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  • Two Phases Of The Romanesque Revival In America

    There were two phases of the Romanesque Revival in America. The first occurred when American builders built buildings resembling the style of Gothic predecessors. An example of a Romanesque building that was built during this time is the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. The Smithsonian, sometimes referred to as “The Castle” was built by James Renwick, Jr This building represents phase one of the revival, which did not gain much attention because the Italian and Gothic styles remained…

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  • Lafayette Park Case Study

    1.0 Introduction This project deserves more recognition. As the first masterpiece of city revival plan, pull the Fiat Park residential area can be said which do not cross the advertised role for the development of city residence, built in the 50 years after the house into an indelible vitality also to the area of city development. It is the largest collection of buildings designed by Mies Van der Rohe in the world. Lafayette Park is the country's first planned city renewal project and has…

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  • Pinocchio: A Career As A Woodworker

    Everyone should know the 1883 classic book “Pinocchio”. Later adapted into a movie in the 1940s, Pinocchio follows the story of Geppetto, a woodworker who upon seeing a falling star, wishes the puppet creation he had made would become a “real boy”. As the night fell and hours went by, the “blue fairy” grants Geppetto's wish and assigns an anthropomorphic cricket otherwise known as Jiminy Cricket, to be his conscience, the job of helping Pinocchio learn right from wrong weighing on his shoulders.…

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  • Merrifield Commercial Realization Area Case Study

    Case Description The Merrifield Commercial Realization Area (CRA) projected started on April 2009, which it is known as The Mosaic District as well. Because this project, the first Community Development Authority (CDA) was created, and it made sure that the CRA’s principles provided a coordinated approach to address the needs and opportunities of a changing development environment, while ensuring that public dollars are contributed only when essential to realize revitalization. Also, the CDA…

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  • Social Classes In The Roman Empire

    Social Class Issues in the Roman Empire Before the second century BCE, Roman society consisted of a Patricians class, an aristocratic class which hereditary relationship determined entrance to class. The second class stood as the Plebeians, also known as the common people. A member of one class could not move up or down in between the classes because marriage of different classes was illegal. The Plebeians began to fight this injustice in 494 BCE and this event was called the Conflict of Orders…

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  • Harbour Cay Condominium In Cocoa Beach: A Case Study

    building practices and many other problems. The Harbour Cay Condominium in Cocoa Beach Florida is one example of a structural failure. The Condominium was being built in 1981, would be five stories tall, contain forty five units, and twenty eight townhouses. On March 27, 1981 the workers were placing the concrete roof slab when the top floor collapsed subsequently causing the lower floors to collapse in a chain reaction. Twenty Three workers were injured and eleven were killed. Days before the…

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  • Entreprenrants In The GTA

    Research Question 5. What kinds of successful enterprises can be observed among China-born immigrants in the GTA, and how can these enterprises be described? Three themes emerged for this research question: (a) Hair salon; (b) Supermarket and retail services; and (c) HAC home services. Following is a discussion of each of these themes. Theme 1: Hair salon. The first type of effective business in the study that could be observed among China-born immigrants in the GTA was specialized, skilled…

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  • Wishart Pull Factors

    This task's purpose is to produce a detail investigation to the liveability of the Mansfield / Wishart Area. Being informative, the finished product is recommended to the Council. The liveability of a location refers to the constant pull and push factors affecting the area. Push Factors are elements of an area that repels any citizens from residing there whereas, Pull Factors are elements that attract citizens to live there. Both factors are scored on its built and natural environments,…

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  • Why Harlem Is Not A Ghetto Analysis

    Sharon Zukin’s “Why Harlem is Not a Ghetto” explores upon the reinvention and Manhattanization of Harlem. Zukin goes in depth about how Harlem went “from a dark ghetto into a middle-class, racially integrated, cosmopolitan community” (93). She examines the factors that pushed for gentrification, the influence it had on the neighborhood’s metamorphosis, and the effects of the displacement of traditional residents and businesses through new commercial activity. Through her detailed analysis of the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Rape In College

    After Couric asked the victim if she was “completely comfortable” getting a ride from the two boys, Brennan replied to her, “There was no reason not to trust them.” She goes on to tell about how the boys brought her back to their Townhouse, rather than where she wanted to go (Couric). After a short time of being there, she was led up to an empty bedroom and raped by the two basketball boys she got a ride from, and eventually a third basketball player (Couric). Brennan’s story goes…

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