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  • Act Utilitarian Argument For Torture Essay

    Is the act-utilitarian argument for torture in ticking bomb scenarios correct? Act-Utilitarianism is the rightness of actions depending entirely on how they impact welfare or happiness. In which, the decision will be attempting to maximize both welfare and happiness. Utilitarianism sees no action as bad in itself because morality is decided by the consequences of actions. The “right thing to do” of saving the innocent is necessary to be compared and evaluated against the bad. This is set to be…

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  • Human Rights: Death Penalty And Torture

    Human Rights Death Penalty and Torture The death penalty is a punishment for a crime in which the punishment is death. You have to do something really serious to get the death penalty though. Most people who get the death penalty are murderers and people who commit treason. The death penalty has been around for pretty much as long as society and a justice system has existed. There are many methods of carrying out the death penalty because people have had so long to get new ideas. Nowadays it…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Torture Is Wrong

    Christianity Today entitled, “5 Reasons Torture is always wrong.” In this article, Gushee lays out five reasons why the Bible does not complement torture, specifically EITs. He begins with the argument that “torture violates the dignity of the human being.” Gushee cites Genesis 1:26-28 where all men are “created in the image of God” and when society tortures other human beings, they are hurting the handiwork and prized possession of God. Secondly, Gushee argues that “torture mistreats the…

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  • Michael Levin The Case For Torture Summary

    The best Way to Deal with Terrorists Is it really necessary to torture or make people suffer just to get stuff that we need from them? After reading “The Case for Torture” by Dr. Michael Levin, I disagree with torturing terrorists to gain information. I am totally against with torture or punish terrorists because first, most terrorists are forced to act in the way they do, they have no power over their actions. Secondly, it is possible to transform the bad feelings inside them to a good one, I…

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  • Immanuel Kant Essay: Is Torture Ever Justified?

    of torture and if it is ever justified. Most individuals believe that torture violates the human dignity of the victim. Comparatively, other individuals express that some situations exist in which torture is justifiable, depending on the circumstances. Similarly, my original opinion on torture also expressed the belief that torture may be justified in certain situations. However, throughout the semester the ideals of Immanuel Kant, and the understanding of the human right involving no torture,…

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  • The Ticking Time Bomb: Why Torture Is Important?

    Time Bomb The term torture makes teeth cringe with scenes of a person tied down to a chair with ruptured lips, busted up face, in a closed place full of people taking turns in “punching the truth” out of them. Torturers have an illusion of discovering the “truth” through inventive shapes of inflicting tortuous pain on a terrorist. Throughout times of crisis, this technique can be attractive to practice. The ticking time bomb scenario is always a form in a try to justify torture. These techniques…

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  • Article Summary: The Case For Torture By Michael Levin

    In the article titled The Case for Torture written by Michael Levin, his introduction mentions how we perceive torture as barbaric and that ‘enlightened’ societies outright reject this idea. Which I agree with, torturing someone is never okay, under any circumstances. Industrialized societies reject this idea because we have civilized to the point of understanding the moral unjust of torture. As he also mentioned, those who do not comply with this moral righteousness faces the United States…

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  • Argument Analysis: The Case For Torture By Michael Levin

    your loved one if you just say please. According to Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture” torturing the individual might be the best option to get information out of them. In Levin’s column in NEWSWEEK he gave valid points on why torturing may be needed in certain situations. To continue his argument be explaining how much more effective torture is, the cost of performing torture, and in what cases should torture be used. Supposed some terrorist group kidnapped the president and they plan on…

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  • Optional Protocol To The Convention Against Torture

    The Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture came into force in 2006, many nations have only recently ratified it and are still working on execution. The OPCAT is significant because it is a fundamental concept within the UN human rights system because it established a concrete structure of systematic and unannounced visits to detention centers. This has a huge emphasizes on prevention of inhumane treatment, instead of deferring to construct punishment after violations have already…

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  • The Book Thief Death Theme Analysis

    occasion. In Zusak's novel The Book Thief, death is shown through the characters in the book. Moreover, suffering is presented when Ilsa Hermann and Frau Holtzapfel grieve over their dead sons. Lastly, torture is displayed with the discrimination of Jews. By examining characters, suffering and torture, one will see the theme of death presented in Zusak's novel The Book Thief. To begin, in the novel, the character of Liesel and her interactions with others helps show the theme of death.…

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