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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Justified?

    of your family and save them, is if you torture the suspect. What do you do? By not torturing the suspect, your family dies, but is torture justified? I believe that in extreme circumstances torture is justifiable, when the lives of innocents outweigh the comfort of the guilty. In recent years torture has become a highly debated topic. After 9/11, President Bush authorized the use of torture against suspected terrorists of the United States. Although, torture is prohibited in international law,…

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  • Torture And Cruel Treatment Essay

    Torture and cruel treatment is banned at all times, places, and including times of war (Torture). It is a terrible thing that still exists in some countries. People use it either to get information from people or to just hurt the person involved. We as people should not defend torture, because it is hurting people to get something. What is the reason that it is done? There are other methods to get information and possibly more effective ways. Torture has always been up for debate and it is a…

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  • Arguments Against Torture Essay

    Opponents against torture will argue that the right of an individual against the practice of cruel and inhumane punishment is unequivocal, but proponents of torture could argue that the right of an individual to be free from the act of cruel and inhumane sufferings at the hand of a terrorist is unambiguous. How, then, do the government draw a fair balance between torture and liberty? Should the government forego effective interrogations of a terrorist suspect in the ticking time bomb dilemma…

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  • Interrogation And Torture In The Roman Civilization

    Interrogation and Torture In the Roman civilization torture was used mostly as a means of entertainment in the form of gladiator fights, and throughout history torture has been used as punishment by the state the senate, the public, and even the church. In the 17th and 18th century torture had its fall and that was thought to be the end of the era of harsh physical torture. However Since 2001 there has been a rise in torture. Im sure everyone knows what an interrogation is. To some of you an…

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  • Essay On Ethical Use Of Torture

    The Useless Brute Historically, States have used torture for everything from fear-mongering to legal punishments. In the modern United States, debate on the usage of torture by the State has focused on the morality of using torture to extract information, generally from terrorists or suspected terrorists held in US, or allied, custody. However, there are no realistic scenarios in which the application of torture against prisoners of the United States is ethically permissible. One of the more…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Immorality Of Torture

    Immorality Of Torture Torture is an iminent practice and undeniably happening in some parts of the world due to lack of proper law both in the political and social attributes for mankind. It is the infliction of extreme pain or agony for punishment. It can be physical or psychological. It is considered evil; this form of act doesn’t only violate human rights, it also violates social morals. It can be a double effect on the person who is doing the torture. Torturing someone can also torture…

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  • Death Penalty Vs Torture

    Torture and Death Penalty The death penalty and torture have been a human rights issue for a very long time, both of these methods of torture could be dated back to thousands of years ago when people were beheaded and hanged for a crime that they had committed. Torture was basically the action or practicing of severe pain on someone as a punishment, for your own pleasure, or for the sake of someone else. The Death Penalty, which is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally…

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  • Julius Caesar: The Rise Of Torture In Rome

    enemies that might try and face him and his empire (“The Rise of Torture” 2). Torture has a way of putting fear into the minds of people that nothing else can. No one wants to be pushed to their limits in pain. There are multiple reasons that torture was the choice of action against people. The Romans grew very thirsty when it came to torture and eventually tortured nearly everyone from religious reasons to entertainment (“The Rise of Torture” 2). They enjoyed watching people suffer and bleed to…

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  • Act Utilitarian Argument For Torture Essay

    Is the act-utilitarian argument for torture in ticking bomb scenarios correct? Act-Utilitarianism is the rightness of actions depending entirely on how they impact welfare or happiness. In which, the decision will be attempting to maximize both welfare and happiness. Utilitarianism sees no action as bad in itself because morality is decided by the consequences of actions. The “right thing to do” of saving the innocent is necessary to be compared and evaluated against the bad. This is set to be…

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  • Human Rights: Death Penalty And Torture

    Human Rights Death Penalty and Torture The death penalty is a punishment for a crime in which the punishment is death. You have to do something really serious to get the death penalty though. Most people who get the death penalty are murderers and people who commit treason. The death penalty has been around for pretty much as long as society and a justice system has existed. There are many methods of carrying out the death penalty because people have had so long to get new ideas. Nowadays it…

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