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  • Toothpick Case Study

    A toothpick is a tool used in everyday life that ordinarily after its use, is immediately thrown away. In Albert H. Baird’s patent description on his own composition of a toothpick, he states his design’s “...cost of manufacture is so low that [the] improved tooth pick can be economically thrown away after being used but once (Baird, 1910).” Although he associates this idea with his own design, it’s a commonality of the current view of toothpicks. Before the last toothpick factory in Maine closed down in 2003, the main raw material used in production was birch logs. The production was seen as inexpensive in monetary value, a few birch logs able to produce around 20 million toothpicks. Logs were placed in a debarker where the bark was removed…

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  • Enzyme Concentration And Toothpick Investigation

    Finally, create two graphs, one to display data from table 1a, and the other from 2a. Graph the number of toothpicks over the time it took. Label the axis accordingly and create a legend differentiate each set of data. Calculate the reaction rate for each time interval (divide the total number of toothpicks broken by the change in time), then record and graph. In this activity, the hand represented as the enzyme, the toothpicks as the substrate, and the fingers as the active site. As the…

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  • Natural Sequation Lab Report

    NATURAL SELECTION SIMULATION (“STICK-BIRD”) INTRODUCTION Within a hypothetical population of “worms” (toothpick) that inhabit a predominantly green-coloured environment (green grass), there are four colour of variations; red, blue, cream and green. The worms are food for a predator known as a “stick-bird” (students). This experiment is designed to let students observe the effects of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is an explaination of how evolution could have…

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  • Toothpickase Lab Report

    Toothpickase Activity Lab Report By: Rohan Shah Michael Chan, Bravo Zayas Kimonas Valais, Ronan Murphy, Matthew Sultana, Orlando Santiago Teacher: Mrs. Istrico November 3rd, 2014 A Period Abstract: This report is a demonstration of different conditions an enzyme is exposed to and how the enzyme reacts in response. The conditions the enzyme was exposed to include: ideal conditions, the presence of a competitive substrate, denaturation for a short amount of time, and complete…

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  • The Movement Of Fast Food Coloring

    toward the fat molecules in the milk. As soap molecules move fat molecules, food coloring molecules are pushed around. This causes the movement of the food coloring in the milk. The testable question was “How does the type of milk affect how fast food coloring moves toward a toothpick soaked in dish soap?” The hypothesis was that food coloring would move toward the toothpick faster in whole milk than in buttermilk. The prediction was that if food coloring was added to whole milk, then it would…

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  • Graph-1 Tweezers Analysis

    Analysis and Conclusion: As seen in Graph #1 Tweezers was the most successful, Scissors was 2nd, Toothpick was 3rd, and Clothespin was 4th. At the end of the First Generation, Tweezers had 7 offspring, Scissors had 3, Toothpick had 3, and Clothespin had 1. At the end of the Second Generation, Tweezers had 13 offspring, Scissors had 7, Toothpick had 5, and Clothespin had 2. At the end of the Third Generation, Tweezers had 19 offspring, Scissors had 10, Toothpick had 8, and Clothespin had 3. As…

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  • How To Complace Buffon's Needle

    However there are quite a few limitations of real life simulation. First of all, in the simulation I conducted, the result only works if and only if the length of the needle(or toothpick in my case) is equal to the space between lines. If I wanted to find the probability when the length of the needle is not equal to the space between the lines, than I would have to conduct a new simulation with the specific length of needle and spacing between lines. Also, from Figure B, it can be seen that the…

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  • Interdental Floss Research Paper

    at drug stores and grocery stores, and come in many sizes and styles. Using an interdental brush can be faster than using traditional dental floss, which is why it is appealing to some people. This is because you do not need to keep unwinding new floss to clean a new portion of your teeth. Toothpick A toothpick won’t be effective at removing all food or debris…

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  • Brownie Research Paper

    choice, measure out three tablespoons of water, whether it is bottled or filtered, and pour it into the mug. Next, measure out two tablespoons of olive oil and blend it into the mug with the other ingredients. Mix the ingredients until it comes to a smooth consistency with no clumps. Once mixed together, open the microwave then place the mug in the center of the microwave plate and close its door. Set the microwave timer to one minute and forty seconds. While you are waiting grab a toothpick or…

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  • How To Build Suspense In The Celery Stalks At Midnight

    the family. The adventure leads them to the dump and a truck ride where they find white veggies indicating Bunnicula has attacked and stab them with toothpicks, however when the ride is over and they head back home they begin to see what is really going on. The animals see the crowd, the strange way the people were behaving, dad was in a pool of water and people were trying to drown him. The boys were acting strange and wearing…

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