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  • The Role Of Suspense In Hitchcock's Psycho

    the thriller has long been one of the most popular genres in film. Since the father of the thriller, Alfred Hitchcock, released Psycho, thrillers have captivated audiences with the combination of suspense and anxiety. Austrian-born director Michael Haneke, takes the central ideas of thrillers and places his own twists and style in his film to create his own unique brand of thriller. This is very evident in this 2002 movie, Caché. Despite Psycho and Caché both being classified as thrillers,…

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  • Analysis Of Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag

    Lino Brocka’s best-known film, Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, is arguably the most complicated work in Philippine cinema. Translated as “Manila in the Claws of Neon” and “Manila: in the Claws of Darkness” to foreign audiences, the film made it in some international critics’ lists as one of the most important films ever made. The indecision in providing a more accurate translation sheds light to the uncertainty of the film’s characters, their fates bounded by Manila’s luminescence and…

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  • A Few Good Men Analysis

    A Few Good Men The film A Few Good Men by Rob Reiner is the best example of the judicial drama, a very popular genre in American cinema. It is a dynamic, uninterrupted even for a second, detective intrigue with a great actor's play: one of the best performances of Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Jack Nicholson. The movie, edited in 1992, contains some ethical and moral issues related to the judicial system and immoral army orders, which turn into a crime against humanity. On the one…

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  • Therac-25 Radiation Treatment

    The Therac-25 machine was a third-generation machine produced by the company AECL which specialized in manufacturing machines which provided radiation therapy to cancer patients. This machine accomplished this by emitting a beam of electrons or x-rays to the cancerous area. This amount of radiation interferes with the cancerous tissue’s ability to grow by disabling the genetic material in the cell. However, since cancerous cells are not the only cells in the body that grow very quickly, skin and…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie The Machinist

    The movie “The Machinist” was a psychological thriller film first written by Scott Kosar then directed by Brad Anderson, it was first on air in 2004. The main character of the film was named Trevor Reznik, who suffered from a psychological disease called insomnia, leads to obsessive compulsions to write down things on a note-it and leave it on the fridge door as a reminder and unusual hallucinations of a new co-worker that cause life threatening and health harming problems for himself and along…

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  • The Shot In Hitchcock's Film Vertigo

    The shot being referred to throughout this essay is that between 01:42:05 and 01:44:17 of Hitchcock’s psychological thriller film Vertigo. Before this shot takes place, we ,along with John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson, have been lead to believe that Madeline Elster committed suicide, jumping out of the church bell tower at Mission San Juan Bautista. In the time following the suicide, Scottie becomes emotionally unstable and blames Madeline death on himself, his acrophobia holding his back from climbing…

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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much Analysis

    Often referred as the master of suspense by many critics, Alfred Hitchcock is known for his suspense and psychological thriller in his movies. The movie crafted by Hitchcock “The man who knew too much.” is an absolute masterpiece containing Mystery, suspense and drama. There are two versions of the movie one released in 1934 and the other released in 1956 and both the remakes were directed by Hitchcock himself. Even though the original movie was remade after 22 years, both original and the…

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  • How Did Alfred Hitchcock Build Suspense

    greatest filmmakers of all times, was nicknamed “The Master of Suspense” for he was creating a psychological suspense in his films, which resulted in a unique watching experience (Alfred Hitchcock." He was also an acknowledge master of the thriller, a genre he virtually invented (Ramirez Berg, Charles) and a brilliant technician. Born in London on August 13, 1899 Hitchcock initially in an engineering before he turned to film industry in 1919. Before actually making films, he was…

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  • Winged Defense Case Study

    of Winged Defense from a 1919 lecture given by Captain Thomas Hart on the value of submarines in warfare. With his lack of evidence and knowledge exposed, Mitchell had no chance of exoneration by the court. While Mitchell’s court-martial proceeded into December, the Morrow Board submitted its report to President Coolidge regarding the possibility and predicted outcome of bolstering the Air Service. Unfortunately, their findings did not meet Mitchell’s expectations, as the report rejected the…

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  • Thriller Analysis

    When Thriller was first released, listeners could only expect greatness considering Michael Jackson’s prior experience in the music industry. Ever since he started singing at the age of just 5 years old, Jackson had stunned the world with his musical and performing skills. It is certainly an understatement to say this guy had already had some success in the industry before releasing Thriller. Coming off of his hugely-successful album, Off the Wall in 1980, he certainly had high expectations to…

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