Suspense Thriller Film Analysis

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Suspense thriller is one of the subgenres of a film that is popular for its excitement and tension. It usually includes crime scenes that trigger audience’s curiosity. Not only that, it also has been known to give a sense of tension that can cause the audience to feel uneasy and disconcerted. One film that can be taken as an example is a film titled Fracture (2007) by Gregory Hoblit. This film tells about an attempted murder case of the wife of an aeronautical company owner named Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins). He shoots his own wife after he discovers her affair with an LAPD detective. The case is brought to the court and is prosecuted by a district attorney named William Beachum (Ryan Gosling). The well-planned murder causes Beachum to have difficulties in finding the evidence as he struggles to find the murder weapon to prove that Crawford is guilty. As the story goes, both of them try to outwit one another in order to win the trial. …show more content…
By showing the crime scene, usually with weapons and blood splattered everywhere, it functions to create tension and make the film even more suspenseful. In Fracture (2007), there are two crime scenes that have tense mood and atmosphere in the film. The first one is the crime scene in which Crawford’s wife is shot and the second one is when Nunally shot himself to death. In the first crime scene, it uses tight framing to focus on the bloodied body of Crawford’s wife on the floor which creates tension. It also uses POV shot from Nunally’s POV to identify the audience with him as he discovers Crawford’s wife’s body and to give a sense of his being under

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