A Few Good Men Analysis

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A Few Good Men
The film A Few Good Men by Rob Reiner is the best example of the judicial drama, a very popular genre in American cinema. It is a dynamic, uninterrupted even for a second, detective intrigue with a great actor's play: one of the best performances of Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Jack Nicholson. The movie, edited in 1992, contains some ethical and moral issues related to the judicial system and immoral army orders, which turn into a crime against humanity. On the one hand, this is a story about a lawyer who takes up the process, where he has no chance of winning and still gets the job done at the risk of his career, life and well-being, but thanks to his moral principles. On the other hand, the ethical and moral aspects of marines against the Col. Jessup’s order for “Code Red” on Private Santiago.
One day, a few good men - Lance Corporal Harold Dawson and Private Lowden Downey accused of the killing of a fellow
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A lawyer who has won 44 cases, not bringing them to the courtroom, a lawyer who wants to get away from the army as soon as possible and engage in lucrative corporate lawsuits, because here it is constantly hanging over him his father's shadow - the Attorney General. Daniel did not want to bring the case to court. He would prefer to resolve the matter peacefully. However, Dawson and Downey did not want to deal. They are waiting for justice. Here it is a new story. The story of a young lawyer, handsome, charming, self-confident, which solves the minor court cases in-between the game of baseball. Suddenly, he finds himself faced with a choice; either to give up the case and continue to lead a quiet life but being branded a coward for a life, or to risk a career but to try to punish the real perpetrators of the tragedy. To defend two marines who acted in exact conformity with the orders given to them by their platoon commander, a “good man” as

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