The Distant Future

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  • Wellness Reflection

    use, recycling products, and reducing energy consumption within my dorm are all ways that I have improved my environmental efforts. In continuing with these ideas, I hope to spread recycling and reducing policies in my household and future apartment. In the very distant future, I plan to purchase an environmentally friendly car, as well. With my occupational wellness, I am making many connections with future educators, and my professors give me praise for work in and out of the classroom. I have completed many hours of observation in various schools around Indy and have been a substitute teacher multiple times throughout the semester. Thinking for the future, I want to attend more academic conferences that can broaden my intellectual horizons for my particular field of study; I am looking forward to the field of education very much…

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  • Concept Of Resiliency

    semester. I have always used the future to drive me through past adversities that I was facing. By focusing on what I still need to do rather than on what happened. In the long term I don’t think this is good for me because I still struggle with a lot of things that have happened – even those that are in the distant past. I think this is because I chose to not talk about things but instead just ignore them and move on. This has helped me learn how to repress some memories, and I can almost…

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  • Complications Of The Future In Harrison Bergeron By Bradbury

    Bradbury and Vonnegut wrote about events that they believed the future would become. Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451” was a twist on the job of firemen. Where as in Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron” was written about the future where everyone was equal. Bradbury and Vonnegut were both visionaries on what they predicted would happen in the future. Some predictions that the authors made came true. The world they wrote about is possible and there are several implications that our future…

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  • Free Argumentative Essays: Time Travel And Backwards

    Thus backwards causation is a matter involving external time, and less so personal time. This is why we say events in the future cause events in the past, because we are referencing external time. However, on personal time, events from the past (starting time travel) caused events in the future (arriving in the past). In backwards time travel, what is earlier in personal time is later in external time. The distinctions between external time and personal time help to resolve some contradictions…

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  • Children Of Men Scene Analysis

    The film Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaròn, is centered around the idea of the infertility of mankind in the year 2027. With the help of his cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, the pair has developed a paranoid, yet occasionally hopeful story that displays future conflicts associated with gender, immigration, terrorism, and technology. In an attempt to reach the Human Project and resolve the crisis of infertility, the group faces death, betrayal, and instances of individuals passing all…

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  • Going Not To Forget Forgetting By Zeki Duman Analysis

    In the distant of times from the time we are in the days of old. We often reminded ourselves mentally and physically through a process called memories. In the article “Trying Not to Forget Forgetting” the author M. Zeki Duman mentions the importance of memories. In a period of time through a series of event in the days of our forefather to currently now present days. Over times legitimate record written forgotten and replace by false memory through idealism causes doubt in the mind of many…

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  • Advantageous By Jennifer Pong

    “Advantageous,” she takes us into the not-so-distant future, in a major American city characterized by unsettling, and in some cases terrifying, dystopian visions. In this visually opulent, but curiously empty city, Phang suggests a future where women are becoming sterile from environmental and psychological stress; children are homeless and prostituted; and everyone ruthlessly calculates how to secure a future for themselves and their children by scrabbling to the top, into the “elite” class,…

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  • Personal Philosophy Of A Soldier

    Not for the title, but to teach and instill a sense of pride in our troops and our future leaders of tomorrow. I used to wonder why the caliber of Soldier has declined from the not so distant past - The years of when our parents fought and when you could tell an individual was a Soldier just by the way they carried themselves. It didn’t take long to realize the answer to that question. It is the parents, communities and leaders for years who have sat by and allowed this to happen. So, how do…

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  • Root Cause Analysis Essay

    Instead of overreacting to the situation I was able to look at it from an unbiased standpoint and see her view. Instead of pushing her away further by arguing and becoming distant, we were able to talk and address these issues, which made her more comfortable. This is when I found out that she was feeling lonely and like I was purposefully trying to fill my time to spend it away from her. If I had not looked at this from a point of root cause analysis, I am sure that this would have escalated…

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  • The Disillusion Of Life In The Three Sisters By Anton Chekhov

    For example, Vershinin, the new colonel in town especially displays his optimism about the future: he believes that the world will change into an “unimaginably beautiful and wonderful” (Chekhov 11) place, and that those at the present will “work,” “suffer,” and “create” (Chekhov 22) this brighter future. Vershinin’s belief also demonstrates the scantness of human life, as he believes that those who work hard to create change in the society will not live long enough to “take part” (Chekhov 22) in…

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