Reflective Essay On Wellness

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Starting first with the physical dimension, I have made noticeable improvements in my overall wellness. At the beginning of the semester, it was a goal of mine to increase the amount of exercise present in my daily life, while also learning to eat better using healthy foods and better portioning methods. In doing so, I hoped to lose a small amount of weight and wanted to wake up feeling more energized. Now, at the end of the semester, I am exercising at least twice a week with friends using an elliptical machine and have completely cut pop from my diet. Moving forward, I would like to channel my exercises more towards strength training and wish to continue the healthy dieting. By the end of my sophomore year, it would be very rewarding to have …show more content…
Turning off lights when not in use, recycling products, and reducing energy consumption within my dorm are all ways that I have improved my environmental efforts. In continuing with these ideas, I hope to spread recycling and reducing policies in my household and future apartment. In the very distant future, I plan to purchase an environmentally friendly car, as well.
With my occupational wellness, I am making many connections with future educators, and my professors give me praise for work in and out of the classroom. I have completed many hours of observation in various schools around Indy and have been a substitute teacher multiple times throughout the semester. Thinking for the future, I want to attend more academic conferences that can broaden my intellectual horizons for my particular field of study; I am looking forward to the field of education very much
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The counseling center is also a good place to go if I ever feel the need to divulge my spiritual woes to a trusted adult. For improving intellectual wellness, the campus promotes student use of the Academic Success Center and the Professional Edge Center. Both of these places help me with my occupational wellness also, with licensed professionals keeping the relationship between my grades, current employment, and future career completely on track. For financial wellness, I have already visited the Office of Financial Aid to discuss options with payment plans and tuition issues; however, I know that the Academic Success Center also offers options about credit hours and possible billing differences, which can ultimately influence my finances, too. Finally, my environmental wellness can be upkept with the simple memberships of various clubs around campus, like the Biology Club and the Campus Program Board. Both of these organizations are helpful with discussing the ways to protect and sustain the environment around us, while teaching us how to make it better in our own ways, as well. The various addresses, contact information, and supervisors of these many centers can be found

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