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  • Gerlach Case Study

    Next month, the state of Colorado will be choosing science textbooks for grades 3 through 12. We\'ve already printed these books, and need to make a return on our investment. I\'ve sent three reports to you concerning changes in the macroenvironment for our science books. Look them over, and decide which will affect…

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  • Lies My Teacher Told Me Summary

    many teachers and professors let unknowingly into their classroom. James Loewen in his book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, details the gaslit history textbooks that are filled to the brim with an overt patriotic prerogative to the detriment of objective information. It becomes more obvious that textbooks and school are too often plagued by the…

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  • What Is A Reportable Segment According To FASB Asb Asc Case Study

    business activities from which it may earn revenues and incur expenses, including intersegment revenues and expenses; whose operating results are regularly reviewed by the enterprise’s CODM; and for which discrete financial information is available (textbook p. 490). 2. What is a reportable segment according to FASB ASC Topic 280? What criteria are used in determining what operating segments are also reportable segments? A reportable segment is an operating segment that meets materiality…

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  • Time Management Weaknesses

    For example, If students wants to know about the new laws of 2016, the textbook may not provide the information that they need because textbooks are outdated. Textbooks also provides inauthentic language which makes it hard for students to understand which can lead them on getting the wrong information. Textbooks does not also take students attributes and interest, therefore this will require adaption in learning the information. Besides,…

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  • Learning Experience In The Classroom

    I will be able to create lessons that cater to their learning experience. One lesson I learned this semester in my methods class was to not rely heavily on teaching from school textbooks. Textbooks today are written by publishing companies, not historians. That factor alone is a major reason why information in textbooks is usually…

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  • Middle Ages Vs Dark Ages

    this is a time in history in Europe that came directly from the fall of the Ancient Roman Empire. It is referred as the Dark Ages because according to the textbook, there is very little documentation during this time in period (Benton et al 356). It…

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  • Optimize By Lee Odden Summary

    knowledge of search engine optimization. The book allowed me to reflect on my past social media experience and displayed ways I can improve upon my strategies for the future. Optimize goes through similar social media strategies and processes that the textbook highlights. Doing research about your company, the competitors, awareness, brand recognition and so on, are imperative to creating a marketing plan. As stated in the book,…

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  • Essay On Fallacies

    Fallacies Mistaken for Good Arguments Throughout pages 72-84, the textbook focused on specific forms of bad arguments that are a result of some sort of irrelevance premises have to a conclusion. The term for these bad arguments are fallacies, and there are various different ones. They include, the Red Herring, the Easy Target, the Appeal to Fear, the Appeal to Pity, the Appeal to Popularity, the Appeal to either Novelty or Tradition, the Ad Hominem, and the Appeal to Ignorance. Firstly, a Red…

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  • The Importance Of Mindfulness And Relationships

    chapters are: Chapter seven took us on a path of beauty of relationships. Relationships come in all shapes and form. There are many things that hinder relationships with those around us and take much needed attention and work. An example used in our textbook is an infants is easy to satisfy by giving them your attention but as you grow older it becomes harder and harder to satisfy them and they become frustrated. Chapter seven also went on to talk about mindfulness and relationships.…

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  • Nursing Theorists: The Development Of Nursing Theory

    nursing knowledge that is used, event to this day (textbook chapter 5). Throughout this paper, different nursing theorists will be discussed, as well as, their theories; an application to the nursing profession, and other active theories. Nursing Theorists A very well-known and talented nursing theorist was, Virginia Henderson. She contributed to the nursing profession during her 60 years of service as a nurse, teacher, author and researcher (textbook).…

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