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  • Importance Of Video Games

    There are many moments that I have enjoyed in life. Throughout those moments, they keep me motivated to stay in the right path and enjoy life and not worry about school. As weird as this may sound, collecting video games is one of my hobbies and I really enjoy doing it. Currently, I have over 500 video games and each one of them has a story in which how I was able to get ahold of it. The most memorable ones are probably the games that came from Limited Run Games. Limited Run Games is a company in which they bring digital video games in a physical version and sell them in a limited quantity. Out of the 17 games that are released as of this essay, I own all 17 of them. The thing about collecting these games, is that they sell out quick and if you miss out, you cannot ever get them again from the site which leads to people scalping them on eBay. A perfect example is Breach and Clear, the first game they ever did. It got limited to 1,500 copies worldwide. Not a lot of people knew about this and it sold out in less than 2 hours. Now, if you want a copy of Breach and Clear, you would have to pay upwards of over $250 on eBay and Amazon. The original price was $24.99 so that is a markup of 1,000%.They are preventing scalpers from making profit off of these games so what they are now doing is limiting the purchase to 1 per customer and making the quantity size bigger so scalpers will have a hard time selling them or not make a lot of profit. They recently did Shadow Complex Remastered…

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  • Narrative Essay Nursing

    I've been a nurse at the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. I have been doing daily checks for a coma patient for nearly 10 years. Suddenly she grabs my arm, fully alert, and she told me to listen, quick, I don't have much time to tell you this. I got close to her she said, “ you better go and get out of here before you die.” and all of a suddenly her heart rate monitor goes BEEEEEEEEEEEP. I ran outside into the long hallway and say zombies coming down the hallway my jaw dropped and my eyes lit up. I…

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  • Stuff You Missed In History: Poem Analysis

    I may be a little slow to the podcast game, but I blame my extremely short attention span. In no way am I a “books on tape” kind of girl, because then I become “daydream-look at the window –miss half the chapter” kind of girl. So years ago, when my husband suggested I download these podcasts, I dismissed him. Like I smiled and nodded my head and thought about puppies, ice cream cones, and sunshine while he listed a bunch of podcasts I would like. I lumped them together with my attempts to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Job In Hawaii

    The time when my mom got her new job in another state in Hawaii, my life got completely ruined. I was forced to leave my friends behind here in the Philippines. Although I got straight A's from all of my classes, I wondered "Why did I have to move?". I couldn't figure it out. Couldn't my mom find another job nearby? I finally worked up enough courage to ask my mom. She said, "I'm so sorry Andrea, but this job is really important, I know you will understand it someday. "Understand?" I said in my…

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  • Kegworks: A Case Study

    I had the opportunity to interview David Rivers, founder and president of Kegworks located in Tonawanda, New York. The parent company of Kegworks is David started this company 19 years ago as a website sells draft beer dispensing equipment, and bar supplies. He worked in the beverage industry all his life, but saw the need in the market because of the difficulties that bars faced to find bar products because there were no stores for them to go buy it from. The second…

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  • The Black River Research Paper

    I have a friend named Logan who I have been friends with since about the third grade. We have been pretty much best friends for that whole time. Out of all my other friends he is the one who I can trust the most. He is the one who has spent the most time doing fun things with me. Like last summer he invited me to go to the Black River. Until he invited me I had no idea what the Black River was. The Black River is a pretty small river in comparison to the Kaskaskia or the Meramec. The river is in…

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