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  • Rapson Hall Analysis

    Cerny architecture firm in 1961.2 This building was not called Rapson hall until after the large addition designed by Steven Holl Architects was built between 1990 and 2002.1 Viewed in plan or in a photograph, it is easy to distinguish the two halves; the original rectilinear brick construction appears to be entirely separate from the copper cruciform planted on its northern face. To decide whether or not the whole of Rapson Hall fits into O’Gorman’s generalizations for plan, and to determine if its organization successfully integrates both halves into one cohesive structure, Rapson Hall will first be analyzed as two separate parts. In a divisive building, the outer form of the building is added to the plan first, then its interior is broken up into smaller spaces according to the needs of the program. Thorshov and Cerny’s construction easily fits into this generalization. First, the outline of the building is a simple square that gives no information to the program or arrangement of space within, meaning it was drawn before the inner rooms. Second, the rooms that divide the interior maintain a rotational symmetry about the central atrium. O’Gorman states that symmetry is most common in divisive buildings, where the first thought is given to the overall form4 and the organization serves its aesthetic purpose. The second half of Rapson hall, designed by Steven Holl Architects and constructed in 2002,1 does not fit into only one of O’Gorman’s generalizations. The border and the…

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  • Schindler's Scene Analysis

    The Girl’s Scene with the Red Coat in Schindler 's List The scene featuring the girl with the red coat in Schindler 's List (Steven Spielberg, 1993) is of the most recognizable scenes in late twentieth century cinema. It is often understood to encapsulate key aspects of the Holocaust, its brutality, and its effects on the lives of the people caught up within it. At the time, the scene deals with the paradoxes of memory, memorial and what may appear to be a sense of personal inability when…

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  • Similarities Between Minority Report And Oedipus The King

    A slaveowner controls his slaves against their will, while they are worked tirelessly on end. Throughout time, people have controlled others for personal gain and reward. Power corrupts peoples morality but the truth never pollutes their personal integrity. Both Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg and Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles posses leaders of society who come out favorable due to a lie. A leader’s power is determined by their manipulation of the truth. Manipulation of…

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  • Adaptation Of Pop Culture In Lord Of The Rings

    The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is undoubtedly one of the most notorious and successful tales ever told. The trilogy has earned around three billion US dollars and nominated for more than 800 film awards winning 425 of them, 17 of which were Academy Awards. This astronomical level of success has made Lord of the Rings a pop culture staple. Through the lenses of culture studies, the trilogy will be dissected critically to evaluate its success through the three main theories of popular culture.…

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  • Freakonomics Summary

    Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner Andrew Feist The University of Akron United States Government & Politics 100-638 MWRF 11:00-11:50am Dr. James Holland 07 November 2014 The connection between a teacher and a sumo wrestler probably has not crossed your mind. Have you ever thought about how real-estate agents are similar to members of the Ku Klux Klan? These are not connections you would usually make every day, but…

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  • Normative Vs. Normative Analysis

    lucid and easy to read; Uses an engaging tone that keeps the reader wanting t know more. LOGOS The book is structured in such a way that it keeps the reader hooked on to what the authors have to say. The extensive use of logic cannot be emphasized enough. Logos is the fundamental concept of this book. The format that most chapter in this book follow is as follows : it starts with the description of a scenario that has a seemingly obvious cause and effect, followed by the authors stating…

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  • The Shawshank Redemption Film

    The Shawshank Redemption Full Movie The Shawshank Redemption was premiered in the United States on September 23, 1994. This is the best movie that has the highest rating among other best films so it is worthy of inclusion in the Top 250 version IMDb Your new director Frank Darabont-, low box office that year and the premiere of Forrest Gump were imposed on "The Shawshank Redemption", the film starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. Now, twenty years after its release, the scenario has been…

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  • Harold And Maude Analysis

    suggest oppression and gloom surrounding the character and sets the mood of the film. We can hear the sound of Harold’s footsteps as he walk through the set this again adds to the dreadful feeling predicting the events to come. The director gives us a suggestion to Harold financial status and high class as he passes by large and expensive looking furniture. Harold is neatly dressed an out dated and muted brown suit along with a gold watch among other pieces of jewelry. In just the first few…

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  • Narrative Techniques In The Film Jaws

    sentence from the “publishing gods”. Furthermore, much like the lingering process of development on a stage film, the affect of not knowing is unbarring with questions. Does the screenplay work? Will the book sell? How much is this going to cost? Does it make sense? Will it be enough to be turned into a blockbuster? All of these questions in both film and Benchley’s case relate to the long process of wondering and waiting in both film and the publishing world. Will it work out, and “what if”…

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  • The Moral Value Of Courage In Soul Surfer By Bethany Hamilton

    Soul Surfer: A Survivor She was bitten by a shark, but her Bethany’s big courage motivated her to recover and get back to the surfboard. The novel Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is about a girl named Bethany whose arm was bitten by a shark making her ability to surf almost “impossible” There are lots of historical events that cover the same theme of courage. Two courageous surfers that rescued a man that was drowning in the turbulent ocean, a pilot that saved 155 lives by landing a plane on…

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