The Moral Value Of Courage In Soul Surfer By Bethany Hamilton

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Soul Surfer: A Survivor She was bitten by a shark, but her Bethany’s big courage motivated her to recover and get back to the surfboard. The novel Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is about a girl named Bethany whose arm was bitten by a shark making her ability to surf almost “impossible” There are lots of historical events that cover the same theme of courage. Two courageous surfers that rescued a man that was drowning in the turbulent ocean, a pilot that saved 155 lives by landing a plane on the Hudson River and Rosa Parks who marked history by giving freedom and respect for black people. In the novel Soul Surfer, the moral value of courage is represented throughout the story when Bethany decided to recover her injury by working and training …show more content…
When Bethany was recovering from the shark attack the struggle and disappointment started surrounding her because of the difficulty of being without one arm. She had to do workouts related to surfing, get therapies and even put a handle on the surfboard for her to grab it easily. It is also amazing not only how fast she recovered but also the courage to get back on the board and in one year win a world title without one hand. Bethany is admired by allot of people around the world because of her foundation of helping people without arms or without legs. It is incredible the courage that she has for helping tons of people with necessities.
The moral value of courage can be clearly seen in the two courageous surfers who helped the man who was drowning, the former pilot who landed the plane on a river saving almost 160 lives and Rosa Parks who brought respect and freedom to black people in America. People need to start thinking in this life that the moral value of courage is essential in life as it helps the humans allot. I think that if someone is recognized by courageous he or she is a fantastic and incredible person. Finally, courage is a very broad theme in which allot of people and events can be identified

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