Spoon River Anthology

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  • What Point Does Twain Refer To Between His Two Ways Of Seeing The River Analysis

    his two ways of seeing the river? Twain first refers to the river as something absolutely beautiful. Twain admires the river and appreciates all of the small details, as he describes the “broad expanse of the river; in the middle distance the red hue brightened into gold, sparkling upon the water” (1). After Twain sees the river everyday and gets used to it, he begins to not appreciate the beauty as much, as he says, “the romance and beauty were all gone from the river” (3). 2. What point…

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  • Westward Expansion In The Late 19th Century

    The Westward expansion skyrocketed yet again, eventually allowing settlers to move even past the Mississippi river while still being directly connected to the eastern shore. We call the dramatic increase in land and population manifest destiny, claiming that it was our right to be able to expand across all of America. The railroad heavily encouraged the agriculture…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Friendship In Huckleberry Finn

    to freedom on the Mississippi river. The river has its good times and bad ones to, but Huck pushes through like a good friend would. He also meets his childhood friend Tom but ultimately leaves all of this to go out west. Friendship plays a very important role; Huck develops many new friendships throughout the text including those with Jim, a runaway slave, Huck’s friend Tom Sawyer, from a previous book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the mighty Mississippi River, a friend one minute and an…

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  • Flood Management Plan

    Hurricane Katrina levee’s along the Mississippi River were essentially sturdy and strong; however, the levee constructed to hold back Lake Borgne, Lake Pontchartrain, and the waterlogged swamps and marshes to the city’s west and east were less reliable. Since Hurricane Katrina, it has let other states to observe, verify, and inspect their flood control systems and implanting this catastrophic event if it happened in their cities. Sacramento has implemented and introduces an overhauling flood…

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  • Mississippi River Research Paper

    It has taken millions of years to create Louisiana. Many things have contributed to the growth of Louisiana. One of the only things that creates land are rivers. In Louisiana, the river that builds land is the Mississippi river. It has created what we now know as Southern Louisiana. The Mississippi River creates land by depositing sediment into the Gulf of Mexico and whenever it floods, sediment would be left behind which builds up land over time. However, although it takes a very long time to…

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  • Effects Of The Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress in 1830 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. The Act was the first major law that Jackson enforced. It stated that the president could relocate the newly civilized Native Americans west of the Mississippi River while the Americans could have control over the land that the Native Americans had previously occupied in Georgia and Florida. Although the removal of Native Americans was supposed to be done fairly, Andrew Jackson and his government ignored…

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  • The Battle Of Vicksburg: Turning Point Of The Civil War

    The Confederate’s fort at Vicksburg, Mississippi, was essential to the South, as it served as a key vantage point for them over the North. However, if the Union besieged this fort, the North would have control over the lower Mississippi River, which would split the South in half, cutting off the western half of the Confederacy from Virginia. With such an extreme advantage being given to the prevailing side, and the other a great defeat, the Battle of Vicksburg marks the true turning point of the…

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  • Geography: Space, Place, And Environment

    study the plants and animals they come across. The individual will have to observe the plants carefully to report any differences in regards to other plants. A geographer will need to record every river or significant place in the city. After recording the physical attributes of the city like mountains, rivers, and trees, the geographer will need to focus on the physical characteristics of the city itself. This will include bridges, tourism places, buildings. After this, a geographer will need…

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  • Mineral And Mining Case Study

    Addressing the negative externalities of mining: policy recommendations. In the words of Joseph Stiglitz, “corporations are in the business of making money, not providing charity.” Since corporations are in business to maximize profit, they hold themselves accountable to their stockholders rather than to the stakeholders where such businesses are located. The desire to minimize cost while maximizing profit weakens the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility. The Corporate Social…

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  • Reference Evapotranspiration And Climate Change

    the changes of ETref offset the increases contribution of mean temperature. Wang et al. (2015) concluded that the contributions of net radiation, wind speed, actual vapor pressure are the major driving factors for the decrease in ETref for the three-river source region of China. Hence, further evaluation is essential to exhibit the relationship between meteorological parameters which attributes to changes in ETref in the Jiangsu Province, China based on attribution analysis of changes in ETref…

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