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  • Pros And Cons Of Sports Journalism

    Sports journalism is something that seems easy but which takes a lot of time, effort, and work to be successful at it. Some journalists use cold, hard facts, while others try to create rumors to formulate interesting articles. Despite different strategies some columnists use, the best sports journalists build ethos through making accurate reports, creating topics that are not only controversial, but also debatable, and providing reliable statistics writing about topics. By using these approaches journalists are able to gain a wide fan base and publish popular articles that sports fanatics will read week in and week out. In sports journalism, a columnist should bring forth evidence that should influence readers to believe the opinions of the stories we read. To do this, columnists should be present at stadiums or talk to people close to players and know what is going on behind the scenes or use statistical data as their source of proof. This builds their reputation as a trustworthy columnists and makes readers more liable to read their accounts.…

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  • A Career In Sports Journalism

    Choosing a profession in sports allows several job opportunities in multiple areas. Whether it is a college or a professional sport, there will always be a demand for what has become one of the greatest past-times in our culture. A great career in the sports world would be a sports journalist, also called a sports reporter. “A sports reporter writes about and reports on amateur and professional sports.” (What is Sports 2016) For somebody interested in becoming a sports reporter, there are many…

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  • Gender Discrimination Against Women In Sports

    Women in Sports Even though women have gained wide acceptance in the workplace and politics as an equal with men, the field in sports journalism and women’s athletics lacks modern gender equality due to gender discrimination against women. This essay explores the many issues women in sports faces today. Before the 1960s, women in the sports department were rarely seen in the world because sports writing has always been a male-dominated profession. The idea of a women writing about sports was…

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  • Media Literacy Project: Social Media And Its Impact On Journalism

    For our media literacy project, we decided to focus on social media and its impact on journalism. Social media plays a huge part in modern society, and it has affected many things; be it positive or negative. For journalists it has also had good and bad outcomes. Journalists have had to adapt to our changing culture by understanding the value social media has in regards to today’s news. Social media has changed many aspects of journalism. Now, for the consumer, sharing news has become more…

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  • Cultural Definition Of Journalism In The Film 'Page One'

    Romel Lherisson Intro to Journalism Page One (2011) Journalism is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium”. What this definition fails to mention is the cultural definition of “journalism”. Journalism may be defined by some as the profession of providing the truth to the general public. This idea of truth expressed in various different mediums has been around for centuries and can be seen as the way…

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  • Women In News Media

    difficulties for gender equality within the media. Sports play a huge part in New Zealand’s culture, and although progress has been made in female…

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  • Disparity In Sports

    New Zealand is unique in that sports make up a disproportionate amount of news and media coverage with 44% of televisions stories being about sports or celebrities, compared to 10% worldwide (Comrie & McMillan, 2013). Males sports teams make up most of the high profile sports teams both worldwide and within New Zealand, and this reduces the proportion of women appearing in the media. Over thirty years of research on gender and sports in the media in New Zealand, men have constantly made up over…

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  • Community Media And Community Connections Interactivity And UGC

    Insights from structuration theory, 2012). Yet, community journalism has a distinct relationship with its audience as compared to other publications (Reader, Community journalism: A concept of connectedness., 2012). Therefore, the question remains since community news has traditionally been based on a closeness to the community will community media outlets be more likely to interact with their audience in the comment section? The hallmark of community journalists has always been the engaged…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tabloidization

    the direct result of commercialized media, most often seen to be the pressures of advertisers to reach large audiences. It began to appear approximately one hundred years ago, when newspapers began adding sections emphasizing sports and entertainment, illustrations and sensations that appealed to wider audiences (Esser, 1999). Although, there is no exact definition…

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  • Interactivity And User-Generated Content Of Community Media

    The public traditionally has a stronger role and voice in the production of content within community journalism. The publication of user-generated content is one of those areas that differentiate community media. Community media has been demarcated differently in various studies, but for purposes of this dissertation community media is defined as publications with circulations of less than 50,000 (Lauterer,…

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