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  • Capitol Hill Mass Killings Case Study

    music, especially those with lyrics associated with violence. He also developed an interest in video games and movies that were violent. From the suicide letter he wrote to his brother, it was evident that he had found inspiration from some songs. In addition, Huff was known to be a person who enjoyed horror films. However, it could not be established whether he was mentally impaired or whether he was under the influence of drugs. This is because he shot himself in the brain (Fox, Burgess, Levin, Wong, and Burgess, 2007). How a Mass Killer Develops The most common explanations provided for mass killers such as Huff include contamination such as lead poisoning, brain tumors, and the toxic nature of some popular culture. However, Bowers, Holmes, and Rhom (2010) suggest that the factors can be classified as pre-disposers, precipitants, and facilitators. The pre-disposers include those stable and long term preconditions that become incorporated into the killers’ personality. The precipitants include the acute and short term triggers such as catalysts. Facilitators are the conditions that are usually situational and increase the possibility of a violent outburst, although they are not necessarily going to cause violence. Frustrations Warren, Mullen and Ogloff (2011) espouse that over the past decades, research has shown that aggressive behaviors are accelerated when a person is frustrated towards his goal. Those people who suffer frustrations in their lives in most cases tend to…

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  • Starkweather And Fugate Case Study

    Stockholm Syndrome according to a medical dictionary is “a group of psychological symptoms that occur in some persons in a captive or hostage situation” it is “a form of bonding between a captive and captor in which the captive begins to identify with, and may even sympathize with, the captor” (Medical Eponyms. 2012). Fugates was in a relationship with Starkweather, and could be the reason why she never left him. With a girl as young as she was, only being thirteen or so, she was very…

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  • Richard Speck And The Frustration-Aggression Theory

    During his time in jail Speck was interviewed. A quote that speck said while he was imprisoned: "If they knew how much fun I was having in here, they'd have to turn me loose”(book) .This is something that I can barely wrap my head around. There was also one interview where Speck mentioned that on the night of the mass murder spree he "had no feelings", but things had changed: "I had no feelings at all that night. They said there was blood all over the place. I can't remember. It felt like…

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  • Crime Scene Investigation

    Death Scene Investigation. (n.d.) The Types of Murder When determining how the death occurred there are four modes- accidental, natural, suicide, and murder- to decide out of. Accidental deaths pose as natural such as an automobile wreck or accidental drug overdose. Natural deaths happen naturally such as a heart attack or stroke. Suicide is the killing of oneself, including cutting, shooting, stabbing, drug overdose, ect. Lastly, one person intentionally killing another human being-murder.…

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  • Serial Killing Research Paper

    range from hours to minutes (Newton 12; Schechter). There are three major stresses in the definition of a serial killer: at least three murders, different murder locations, and there must be a cooling off period (Schechter). The time break is what differentiates between serial killing and mass murder. Until the 20th century, serial killers weren’t as big as they are now. It’s not because they didn’t exist, it’s because news reporters and media didn’t talk about them (Schechter). Throughout…

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  • Organized Crime Scene Analysis

    crime a lot of things happened in their minds that these characteristics might not fit in all cases. 2. Identify and discuss the five-category typology based on the motivations for mass killings provided by Fox and Levin. The five-category typologies are based on motivation and are; revenge, power, loyalty, profit, and terror (James Alan Fox and Jack Levin, 2003). Revenge in mass killings is the most common and it involves an association of some sort with the killer. Revenge mass killers are…

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  • Are Serial Killers Born Or Made Essay

    Are serial killers born or made? Do you remember being a child? Being so innocent and full of life. Waking up and wondering when your favorite tv show is gonna come on or which toy to play with first. Waiting for your parents to wake up and being so impatient that you just run and jump into the bed so excited to get a goodmorning hug and kiss from your mom and dad. The excitement of knowing you’re gonna be able to go outside and play with all your friends and not worry about anything except…

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  • Seung-Hui Cho And Richard Ramirez: A Relational Study

    The article, Neurodevelopmental and psychosocial risk factors in serial killers and mass murderers inquired on the rare events of mass murders and serial killers as they impact society. There is a difference between serial and mass murders, as there is a difference between Seung-Hui Cho and Richard Ramirez. Serial killings are individuals who committed three or more murders over a period of time, could be months or years, with cooling periods between the murders. Mass murders typically take…

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  • Differences Between Beauty Killer And The After School Strangler

    A serial killer carries out a series of murders of at least three or more people. Each serial killer has their own way of doing things. Serial killers differ from one killer to the next because they are different in the way that they kill. There are several differences between the Beauty Killer and the After School Strangler. Many things are different from the two, but the fact that they are both psychopaths remains the same. First, Gretchen Lowell is the Beauty Killer. The name Beauty…

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  • Serial Killers Analysis

    Serial killers have seen a rise in popularity as of late. With several television shows and novels based in these crimes, analyzing serial killers has been a popular pastime. With all of the recent attention given to serial murder, there is a growing interest in the psychology behind their behavior. When analyzing them, certain factors appear to be present. These factors are what lead them to become a serial killer and these seem to be shared with multiple killers. Serial killers are both born…

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