Spoon River Anthology

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  • Palean From Lithos Analysis

    the Brim River, which separates Palean from Lithos, was a huge barrier to take woven baskets to other places. It is not clear whether this observation is based on either how the river is in these day or how the river used to be. One might wonder if the river was less deep and dangerous in the past due to in other ages the whether could benefit the native to cross the river without using boats. Extreme cold or highest degrees of hot weather could allow Palean people to go over the river. In the…

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  • Platte River: A Short Story

    we are going to follow the south side of the Platte River. We have to cross the river in about 170 miles. We have heard from other settlers that it's too wide to bridge so we have to use the sandbars to get across. That has been a stressful thought, hopefully no one has any troubles. It's also very shallow which could cause problems because the current will be going at a high speed. After 6 days of travel we have finally met the river crossing. It's current was strong and fast. Everyone…

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  • Clear Creek Research Paper

    Running through the core of Golden, Colorado, Clear Creek plays an important role in the ecosystem of the Rocky Mountains. With this, Clear Creek acts as the habitat for many different species. In particular, trout may live in Clear Creek, and, as an indicator species, is essential in determining the health of the stream. However, there are many different aspects to analyze when evaluating if Clear Creek is a suitable environment for trout to live in, such as physical, chemical, and biological…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Risks In Our Environment

    Downstream of dams, marked changes in fish populations occur as a consequence of blockage of migration routes, disconnection of the river and floodplain, and changes in flow regime, physiochemical conditions, primary production and channel morphology(McCartney, 2009, pg. 128). Due to the changes in the fish population caused by dams, the 1996 International Union for Conservation of…

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  • How To Prevent Tillamook Flood

    and of course, it holds up its name proudly. No one really knows who came up with the name first, but it surely does fit our feelings for the town. Growing up in Tillamook, I start to notice more and more of the horrifying damage the rain water and rivers do to our town. According to the Tillamook County Department of Community Development, "DO NOT ENTER FLOOD WATER!" flood…

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  • Lower Onion Creek Flood Analysis

    Due to the flooding in Lower Onion Creek, Eric Rangel, 17, had to drop out of school due to the financial burden that flooding has imposed on his family. The Lower Onion Creek area flooded twice, once on October 31, 2013, and October 30, 2015. Many Lower Onion Creek residents are living in condemned homes five months after the latest flood. Eric Rangel said after the floods, the city condemned his home. His home was no longer inhabitable, and his family had to seek other shelter options.…

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  • Environmental Parameters Vs. Plankton Incidents

    Environmental parameters Vs Plankton Incidents: The graphs presented in figureX to figureX, environmental parameters observed at different sites in each area are presented area wise along with the harmful plankton incidents observed. Average temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity observed each day at each farm site is used to plot these graphs. There has been a notion that with drop in salinity, which means freshwater run off, there would be increase in nutrients and supporting higher…

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  • Fishing In America Essay

    of food? The answer, thousands of years, in “Egyptian artwork from 2000 B.C. shows people fishing” ( Hopkins 6). It is surprising, yet understandable knowing that even ancient people fished. It would of been an easy source of food. The lakes, rivers, streams, etc. were all full of a diverse population of fish, which would of made fish an easy meal to catch and eat. They were the first people to begin fishing so the population of the fishing in the waters would nothing to stop them from…

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  • Should Dams Be Removed Essay

    waterways and for transportation purposes, but is the destruction of the rivers and surrounding land worth it? Many of these dams do more harm than good to the rivers, and hundreds of dams in the United States are no longer even in use. Not only are they damaging the rivers, but these unused dams are also no longer providing any benefits for rivers or for human use. These unused dams should be removed and return the rivers to their natural state. Along the water ways the U.S Army Corps has…

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  • Fieldtrip Report: Wetlands And Flooding

    When Stanwood was built, as mentioned before, where wetlands use to be, causing many problems to the local river. The Stilly river is a long and winding river, however, when the wetlands were destroyed it became overwhelmed by the excess water. The Stilly wraps around a small island in Stanwood, called Florence island. When the river would start to flood, all of Florence island become flooded, destroying businesses and homes. People of Stanwood started to look for a solution…

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