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  • Analysis Of 'The Importance Of Being Earnest'

    After reading the past novels in English class and doing multiple theories of analysis, I have decided the theory that I best relate with is reader response. The reason behind me choosing reader response is that throughout reading all the novels assigned I always tended to make a comparison to my modern day teenage life. As multiple of my previous analysis and explication videos have shown I tend to relate to the character struggling or the character that is in the pressure situation. Reader…

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  • Faulkner's Tragic Absalom Analysis

    But while we have discussed the most important diegetic components of epic—heroes and their victories—no discussion of that genre can be complete without a consideration of the way in which their story is told. To this end, we must consider Absalom, Absalom! an oral epic, despite its novelistic form. We may resolve this seeming contradiction by considering David Konstan and Kurt A. Raaflaub’s assertion that “[t]he notion of “oral” epic is [itself] problematic. What survives from antiquity is…

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  • Analysis Of The Accidental Tourist

    How does an individual adapt to change? How does adapting to this change affect his relationships, his perspective, or his life in general? These are questions that are answered thoroughly in The Accidental Tourist, as they are relevant to the text thematically. In the novel, the focus is placed primarily on protagonist Macon Leary; special attention is given to his adjustment to the loss of his son and an impending divorce from his wife, Sarah. Through this focus on Macon’s changes in life, the…

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  • Suspense In The Cask Of Amontillado

    Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe is a short story full of suspense, mystery, and irony. Edgar Allan Poe ensures that the reader is engaged as well as entertained while reading his stories by using various literary techniques such as hyperbole, suspense, mystery, and irony. The use of these literary techniques in Poe’s stories allows him to develop his plot without losing his audience’s attention. In this short story Montresor, who is the narrator, is carefully planning his revenge on Fortunato,…

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  • Tiger In The Snow Short Story Analysis

    and conclusion. Both stories use the same narrative perspective however, the way it engages with the reader is vastly different as well as the characterisation techniques used in the stories. Both authors are also able to efficiently use various literary techniques to convey the message of their story and engage the reader. Whilst The Lottery and Tiger in the Snow are both the same genre, the way each story conveys moods and themes are completely different. Both…

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  • Wolfgang Iser's The Reading Process: A Phenomenological Approach

    Wolfgang Iser’s essay The Reading Process: A Phenomenological Approach, delineates the author-reader relationship in completion of a literary work, where the author plays the ‘artistic’ role, which is that of the creator of the text, and the reader plays the ‘aesthetic’ role, which, he mentions is the process of the ‘realization’ of the text . (Iser 279) He refers to Roman Ingarden’s “Intentionale Satzkorrelate” (Intentional sentence correlatives), where the interaction of the otherwise…

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  • Story Of An Hour Naturalism Analysis

    During the late nineteenth century naturalism was a major influence in literary society. Naturalism emerged as a response to overly idealistic and imaginative works of the romantic era, as an extension of realism, and in attempt to portray life as it really was. Elements of naturalism vivid imagery and a strong cultural influence in narratives. Of the many typological roles in the late 1800’s, the role of women as the supportive wives was quite common. In “The Story of an Hour,” Kate Chopin…

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  • Postcolonial Literature Essay

    modern world. In my second year of undergraduate study, I was introduced to postcolonial literature and theory in an introductory course with Dr. Stanka Radović. Reading polemic texts, as well as ‘subalterns’ writing back or breaking away from the literary canon, made me aware of the political aspect of literature and the political forces that shape both the writing and reading of literature. It awakened a new understanding of the world that I could not neglect, not only when reading literature,…

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  • Theme Of Ambition In The Great Gatsby

    Daisy is one of the most noticeable characters who is under pursuit as her affection is targeted by Jay Gatsby. This is essentially the main focus and conflict of the novel, as Gatsby who spent years amassing a vast fortune, just so he would have a chance with Daisy. There are also those who are being pursued for the sake of prosperity. Tom would be a prime example as he is being pursued by Myrtle, purely for the fact that Myrtle no longer wants to live a life in a run-down auto shop, but a life…

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  • Literary Criticism In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

    TASK 1 : ESSAY Discuss the application of relevant theories of literary criticism in the selected text. Literary criticism from my point of view can be defined as the art or practice of judging and commenting on the qualities and characteristics of various literary works. Modern critics tend to pass down the concerns of earlier centuries, such as formal categories or the place of moral or aesthetic value. Some analyse texts as self-contained entities, in segregation from external factors,…

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