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  • Elizabeth Nunez's Bruised Hibiscus

    Even though the book was published in 1994, the fact that it is a non-western historical fiction may have resulted in its lack of literary criticism. Sandra Adell (2001) appreciates the novel’s literary contribution in her critical article emphasizing that the publication itself has greatly enriched the rapidly developing field of African diaspora literature” (679). In addition to mentioning that Nunez’s writing technique…

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  • Langston Hughes Dreams

    influence and the reason Im writing about him is that one of his poems affected me in a way that motivated me to be the best I can. His way of writing is unique the way he uses literary devices to make the poem is absolutely great. For example he uses Simile, Personification, and Metaphore. Hughes uses a great amount of literary devices in the poem. One of them is similes. Simile in the poem brings out lots of discription. It brings out a big part of the poem that lets the reader understande…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Conflict

    of violence, often against humanity. William Golding explores the reasoning behind conflict in a brilliant work of allegorical literature. Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, written whilst the world faced the anxiety of the Cold War, uses various literary devices and themes to portray humanity’s innate tendency towards savagery and the idea that it isn’t human nature to create and obey rules and laws, rather they exist solely as the boundary that restrains modern societies from descending into…

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  • How To Write A Literary Analysis Of A Rose For Emily

    confused. Her house has transformed to be one of the most hideous looking homes located on the once most prestigious street within the city. Previously, the house used to be elegant and white complete with scrolled balconies. This paper will look at the literary analysis for “A Rose for Emily.” The story takes place in a small town, south of the United States. The plot of the story is divided into five parts. The first part opens at the time when Emily Grierson dies. The whole community attends…

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  • Examples Of Abuse Of Power In The Tempest

    of many tragic events. In Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, the idea of the abuse of power is a reoccurring theme that emerges throughout the play. While reading The Tempest, one notices that Shakespeare often uses literary theory to reveal the theme much more. By looking at many literary theories, one specifically being postcolonial theory, one can see the harsh abuse of power, which most readers don’t see; this is important because it shows not only what was happening then but what is happening…

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  • Formalism In Kate Chopin's The Storm

    allows a reader to review a certain text or piece of literature but you only focus on the literary elements throughout the piece such as: diction, irony, metaphors, symbolism, paradoxes, etc. But like all approaches to literature or anything in life, there are pros and cons. Some good things about formalism is that it gives you an idea of the author’s intent, helps the reader understand figurative language, literary devices, and more of the writer’s techniques, is easier for the reader to…

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  • Symbolism In How To Read Literature Like A Professor By Anne Shelley

    the ideas presented in How to Read Literature Like A Professor, Anne Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, consists of several literary devices and factors that develop the plot of the story and the main character, Victor Frankenstein. Due to How to Read Literature…

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  • Literary Techniques Used In Perfume-The Story Of A Murderer '

    In the texts ‘Perfume-the story of a murderer’ by Patrick Süskind and ‘the turning’ by Tim Winton, a diverse range of literary techniques are used to present similar ideas. Though the storylines differ both follow a single main character who is used to denote to the enormity and mysterious grandeur of life. So it is appropriate that the complex themes of human suffering, time and change and the transience of existence are used in both texts to encapsulate life. Winton presents these ideas in…

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  • Themes In Jack London's To Build A Fire

    “To Build a Fire” by Jack London When reading a story, it is often difficult to truly understand the message if the author cannot properly communicate it to the reader. Through the use of literary devices, authors can ensure that readers fully comprehend the meaning of the story. A general theme in literature would be that humans are flawed creatures. However, an author can communicate this in a way that makes the reader relate and understand this message. In Jack London’s short story, “To…

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  • Syntax In The Death Of Benny Paet By Norman Mailer

    Throughout literature, authors have used multiple literary devices to convey messages about their writings to the audience. From speeches and essays to poems and stories, literary devices have been used throughout multiple works of literature to emphasize the author’s points and provoke thought and feedback from the audience concerning the piece; by helping the readers appreciate, learn, analyze and understand pieces of literature more in depth. One literary device that attributes to this is…

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