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messenger rna the structure of messenger rna :
Messenger RNA functions as the template for protein synthesis it carries genetic information from DNA to a ribosome and helps to assemble amino acids in their correct order. Each amino acid in a protein is specified by a set of three nucleotides in the mRNA, called a codon. Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic mRNAs contain three primaryregions .The 5 untranslated region is a sequence of nucleotides that is at the 5 end of the mRNA and does not code for the amino acid sequence of a protein. In bacterial mRNA, this region contains a consensus sequence called the Shine- Dalgarno sequence, which serves as the ribosome-binding site during translation. It is found approximately seven nucleotides upstream of
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The protein-coding region begins with a start codon and ends with a stop codon. The last region of mRNA is the 3 un translated region , a sequence of nucleotides that isat the 3 end of the mRNA and is not translated into protein. The 3 untranslated region affects the stability of mRNA and the translation of the mRNA protein-coding sequence.
Page 1 half life of mrna mRNA turnover is the rate at which a mRNA is degraded intracellular and is described in terms of mRNA half-life. which is the time required to degrade 50% of mRNA.
The decay rate or turnover of a messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) is a major determinant of mRNA abundance in all organisms. Consequently, eukaryotic mRNAs decay with biphasic kinetics, composed of an initial lag phase during which de adenylation occurs and second phase during which body of the mRNA is degraded. rna lifetime cannot meaningfully be described merely in terms of a half-life that obeys first-order kinetics. Measuring the half-life of mRNA is difficult to determine experimentally because it is so short lived. However, knowledge of the half-life of

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