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  • Why Do People Learn Multiple Languages?

    Polyglots are people who speak multiple languages. Some polyglots know four or five languages. In exceptional cases, the individual may speak up to 20 different languages. While this language aptitude seems impossibly challenging, it is possible for average people to learn multiple languages. With the right techniques and a decent amount of dedication, language learners can quickly master their next language. Start With Motivation Learning a language takes hundreds or thousands of hours. To…

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  • Sexist Language

    a quote from Rita Mae Brown saying “Language is the road map of a culture”. It has, indeed, such a gargantuan impact that it has infused all facets of people’s lives, ranging from how they talk, how they behave to how they form their perception. Nevertheless, as the existence and evolution of a language is deeply intertwined with the social attitudes of human beings, their socio-cultural behaviors and viewpoints are mirrored in their utilization of the language. It is highly likely that the…

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  • Do Slangs Make You Sound Stupid Analysis

    Slangs? What are slangs? Slangs is often words that are regarded as being very informal and is often used when you speak or chat with your peers. Slangs have a lot of controversy around them, due to the fact that a lot of people view slangs as being as a linguistic atrocity, and is often looked down upon by the society. Slangs is often linked with young people, especially teenagers or with the working class and lack of intellectual intelligence. The three articles, written by Robert McCrum…

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  • Benefit Of Bilingualism Essay

    The ability to speak more than one language is known as bilingualism. Bilingualism has shown to become more and more common, as countries begin to even more intertwine. However, the timing of when the second language is taught, can be key to a child 's development, cognitively, socially, emotionally, for future employment, and for the sake of their health. The earlier a child is able to begin development of a second language, is critical, and research explains it better develops their lives.…

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  • Vocal Fry

    Language, by its very nature, is always growing, expanding, and changing rapidly. The history of human language has seen many alterations, expansions, and reinventions of languages. With the evolution of language came the elitist prescriptivism movement, characterized by a rejection of new linguistic changes, often informed by classism, racism, misogyny, and a fear of change. Many linguistic developments have been created by young people, especially teenage girls, including the linguistic trend…

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  • Explain The Different Methods Of Listening And Learning Language For Children And Young People

    learning language easier for them by following some simple guidelines:  Position yourself face to face as you play and talk with them. This makes it easier for them to see when you are talking, and to shift their attention back and forth between their activity and your face. Being able to see your face also allows the child to use your facial expressions and lip patterns to help them understand your words.  Make sure you have the child’s attention each time you talk to them.  Keep your…

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  • Language Variation In Isixhosa

    Throughout the country, language variation exists with many languages when being compared to one another. Although isiXhosa seems that it contains variation within the country, there is a lack of variation in certain words or phrases. This can be interpreted by the collection of data and the certain trends that can be identified. There are many different facets to draw on such as the comparison between the use of standard and non-standard forms among males and females. There can also be a…

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  • Language And Culture Analysis

    The relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted in the human mind. Language is used to maintain and convey culture and cultural ties. Different ideas stem from differing language use within one’s culture and the whole intertwining of these relationships start at one’s birth. It is not until the child is exposed to their surroundings that they become individuals in and of their cultural group. From birth, the child’s life, opinions, and language are shaped by what it comes in…

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  • Importance Of Academic English Essay

    and grammar. Academic English provides a set of ground rules which enables the individual to make their ideas accurate and precise. The range of students in a university includes local and international students, many having English as their second language. As a result some students may have difficulties in expressing their opinions. This is where Academic English comes in and rectifies the problem by providing a standard platform to all students enabling them to convey their ideas eliminating…

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  • The Fire And The Rain By Dada Karnad Analysis

    In Tale-Danda Karnad breathed a different kind of life into the poetic texts and historical events by developing a dramatic structure that would ‘explain’ the relation of poetry and religious mysitism to political economy and social radicalism and in the english version of the play he incorporated a generous selection of old and new translations of the vachanas by Ramanujan. The Fire and the Rain was originally written in kannada [Agni mattu Male (1995)] but rendered immediately into english for…

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