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  • Persuasive Essay On Brave New World

    In the book “Brave New World” A. Huxley creates a civilization build by the motto “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY”, resonating socialist ideas that were marching throughout the entire world in the 30 's. His inspiration might have been the famous french phrase: “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality” which sounds similar but opposes to what he creates in his famous book. By being sarcastic Huxley ironically judges the communist philosophies in his book as a repulse to the Marxism that enclosed him in…

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  • The Neccesity Of Nuclear Energy By Bruno Comby

    Neccesity Of Nuclear Energy In the text “Power and Energy, The Benefits of Nuclear Energy”, Bruno Comby (2008) mentions that the neccesity of nuclear energy. He says that we must use the more sustainable energy sources for our future. In his opinion, we have to utilize nuclear energy source more than the other energy sources for environment. He believes that nuclear energy is a clean, safe and dependable energy source. Nuclear power should be deployed rapidly to take the place of coal, oil and…

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  • The American Dream In George And Lennie's Of Mice And Men

    sense of freedom but feels she is being restricted. She aims to attraction and friendship in order to be cured from the loneliness she suffers. The marginalisation of women in their context is illustrated through her outcry of “Every’body out doin’ soma’ pin’. Ever’Body! An’ what am I doin’?” where her repetition of Every’body signifies her isolation and loneliness. The reader gains a deeper understanding of the necessity of human relationships through the character of Crooks who is subject to…

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  • Music In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    In Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, citizens live without individuality, intelligence, and emotions, all of which can be connected to the absence of playable music. In the real world, everyone is affected by music that they listen to or create themselves, but it is truly underestimated. People have the distinguished ability to express their individuality through the varying types of music in the world and how they react to it. Being a musician can challenge someone’s mental and physical…

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  • Isolation In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    Aldous Huxley's extreme story puts the lives of people during the 1930s in a perspective that most wouldn't think to perceive it from. He presents many different social and political problems of the 1930s in his novel Brave New World. The despair and isolation that citizens and countries felt during this time of poverty is ironically twisted into a world of euphoria and ignorant bliss a world where everyone is happy. He shows the lengths government would go for the sake of power, production, and…

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  • Brave New World Rhetorical Analysis

    that we were forced to either agree strongly with or disagree with the concepts – would this be a good or bad thing? Our society and social norms have shaped how we generally read this text, Huxley wanted to highlight that). • Child erotic play • Soma • Everyone Belongs to Everyone Else • Science fiction child raising • No families TEXT IS…

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  • Pleasure In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    People work to gain money; people gain money to buy necessities and luxuries; people buy necessities and luxuries to maintain good health, a sense of well-being, and most importantly, individual happiness -- this cycle of labor is of no such surprise to us. Being content in life means enduring jobs, tasks, businesses, school, college, and other obstacles. And sometimes, at the end of the day from this repetitive cycle, we end up sacrificing the sanity of our minds, and possibly, the purpose of…

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  • Neuromatrix Pain Gate Theory: A Case Study

    The intricate reaction between the human’s physiological and psychological responses has been long disputed (Rowbotham, 2001) This ever changing discussion may be explained by the neuromatrix pain theory (Melzack, 1999). However, our understanding of the physiological response to a painful experience and its effects on the body has changed over the years. In the mid-17th century the pain theory was over simplified; nerve impulses travelled to the cerebral cortex in the brain, the more damage the…

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  • Mustapha Mond's Philosophy Of Art In Brave New World Analysis

    1) Mustapha Mond is saying that art can only exist if it has no meaning. Because of this, beautiful works of art have to be censored because people would not understand them. In other words, art has to be dumbed down for society. Mustapha is also trying to point out that the raw emotions expressed in art would lead to social instability, which goes against the World State’s motto of “Community, Identity, and Stability.” However, creating high art is not possible without adding elements of…

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  • Hillman Soul Vs Knowledge

    The Soul: how it is different from spirit, mind and body The Soul Humans have always had a fascination in determining and describing what the soul is and what it can be. Influential Ancient Greek philosophers first introduced the topic of the Soul to the philosophical and psychological authority community since the dawn of Socrates ' age. Philosophers such as Plato believed in the immortality of the soul that composed of three parts (logical, high-spirited, appetitive) that influenced judgment…

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