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  • Comparison Of 1984 And Brave New World

    The struggle to achieve happiness is a common theme in literature as it is relatable to all readers. In the novels 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the characters Winston Smith and Bernard Marx struggle against government control in their attempt to achieve happiness. In both novels, the advances in technology and changes to social order aid the governments to form a totalitarian regime that limits human rights and make way to full control over the humans. Ultimately…

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  • Individuality In Helmholtz's Brave New World

    Helmholtz Watson is known by the people of “Brave New World” to be an extremely able and successful man, both as an Escalator-Squash champion and a genius Emotional Engineer. However, Helmholtz’s abnormal intelligence forces him to be aware of his individuality, and therefore alienates him from other people surrounding him (p. 67). When Helmholtz becomes aware of his individuality, he is essentially exiled from his homeland. Initially, this experience is frustrating as Helmholtz tries to…

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  • A Brave New World: Movie Analysis

    Imagine a world, a world in the future, imagine a world completely industrialized, a world controlled by a select group of people at the top of the world state. This world strives for perfection, incredible power was in the hands of very few and it was used to make the world a better place. They called it a perfect world, a utopia but is there such a thing as a perfect world? Not when people are not happy. Imagine a world where people are supposed to be happy but they are not. Certain…

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  • Stability In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." These words remain a topic of much controversy to this day, provoking a clash of the concept of freedom versus stability. Would freedom, perhaps, be dispensable, if it were to provide safety? Despite the fact that freedom is perceived as one of the highest values in society, its extent is often impeded by the desire for stability. While the…

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  • African Perspective On Colonialism

    Encyclopedia previously mentioned, highlights the illnesses brought along with colonialists but still excludes much research left untold that might have been useful to the historiography. Nearly 10 years after Alfred Crosby’s theory has been proposed, author Soma Hewa sheds a new light on the how the medical system is affected with consideration of ECI spread of diseases to Sri Lanka. This narrative gives a geographical analysis and also political point of view as to how economical policies of…

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  • Dystopian In Brave New World

    There is an innate need in our hearts to identify with a group, both for protection and self-satisfaction. It is only through belonging that we can break out of the shell of individualism ad self-centeredness that both protects and isolates us. However the human drive for belonging also has its pitfalls. Aldous Huxley, in his novel, “Brave New World”, demonstrates that individuals living in dystopian or utopian societies alter their perspectives and personal opinions in order to feel they belong…

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  • Brave New World Future

    being love's worst enemy. These substances give us the illusion of an alternate reality -- a reality in which our emotions are heightened, and the love we experience becomes exponentially intense.” (Hudson) Just like in the book, where it talks about soma and how much it impacts people’s lives and how they rely on it not only to feel happy but also to fit in with the rest of the crowd. In our world, we commonly focus on what others think of us rather than what we think of ourselves. “Membership…

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  • Mindful America Summary

    mentally observing and noting changes as they occur within oneself or in one’s environment” (Wilson, 20). This practice was originally spread to America by Buddhist monks who authored books detailing meditation. A key figure in this early spread was Soma Thera, who wrote The Way of Mindfulness: The Satipatthana Sutta and Commentary, which describes how mindfulness can be utilized in order to obtain nirvana. However, Thera claimed that mindfulness was “not suited to the ordinary person” (Wilson,…

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  • Bernard Marx And John Gardner: A Comparative Analysis

    Many characters in novels go through the process in seeking more insight and discovery’s of ones self. As evident in two novels, two characters go through the needs to find themselves for who they truly are. Bernard Marx from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Grendel from Grendel by John Gardner both go through the process of self-discovery. Grendel and Bernard are different from society. They both seek for answers on why the world is how it is, why they are who they are, and they both have…

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  • Brave New World And Similarities Between 1984 And Google Glass

    Do you ever wonder what’s in store for us in the future? Well, what we know now is a major hint to where we’ll end up in the future. They say what happens in the past shapes the present and in the present shapes the future. The company Google, creates new inventions all the time and is no stranger to this perception. Google Glass is one of those inventions that could change the way we view our world. Google glass will innovate our daily lives by providing things we did with our hands in just a…

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