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  • The Nervous System

    Nervous system uses chemical and electrical signal to communicate from neurons to another at high speed. More than 100 billion neurons found in the brain. Basic part of what make neurons are consist of dendrites which receives send messages, cell soma which is the cell body that process and translate code messages, and the axon where processed messages pass through to communicate to other nerve cells. The axon…

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  • Reaction To Bernard's Success

    Bernard experiences a psychological shift due to his reaction, advantages, and failure with fame; it illuminates the theme fame changes people. The psyche of Bernard Marx is shifted when he experiences his first taste of fame. When Bernard first introduces Linda and John to civilization, his feelings of inferiority are dashed almost immediately and he feels accomplished: “A veneer of jaunty self-confidence thinly concealed his nervousness.” -pg. 46. This taste of fame and acceptance marks the…

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  • 1984 George Orwell Essay

    The chief concern of a stereotypical white girl in suburban America is when she will get her next mocha latte; whereas, the chief concern of a stereotypical factory worker in China is if what he just said could spell his end. These situations highlight how Neil Postman’s assertion about the relevance of Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future over the vision of George Orwell is merely a half truth because in the western hemisphere our immense technological prowess drives for innovations and…

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  • Brave New World Sex Analysis

    In “Brave New World” the people express themselves in many different ways. At one point in time, things became so bad and distressed that everyone thought it would be better for universal stability if the things that made them unique were taken away. Without emotions or emotional attachments then there is no chaos and things would run much more smoothly. This is how this society was formed. They are conditioned from birth, using hypnopaedia or ‘sleep-teaching’ and electroshock therapy, to not…

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  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Characteristics And Dangers Of Dogs

    Such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Soma health issues they may have or get is elbow dysplasia, canine hip dysplasia, and Hypothyroidism. Deafness and dermoid sinus are also occasionally seen in the breed happen/come. To prevent these problems from happening some solutions are. Hiking/jogging…

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  • Brave New World Value Analysis

    life. In the Brave New World, Bernard Marx wants to find his own real feelings. In the World State people do not have their own real feelings. The citizens of the World State are conditioned to have preset emotions. This is done through the use of soma, hypnopaedic phrases, and solidarity services. The Solidarity service is a biweekly group pneumatic sex orgy. After the service was over, Bernard was hoping to find a value in the service, but still felt empty. “’Didn’t you think it was…

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  • Habitual Chocolate Swot Analysis

    production and retail reach which Habitual does not have. On the other hand, despite the reputable organic line of product that Habitual boasts, the other players equally have a unique positive appeal in their products the serves to allure the consumer. SOMA has important wholesale contracts within the town and equally bears an organic label. Choco Sol runs on compete ethical sourcing and distribution. Theo Thompson on the other hand ha a specialty in hand made and custom…

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  • American Foreign Policy Doctrine Summary

    The American foreign policy doctrine describes the set of principles and practises theta ere applied to the federal, state and local governments. The US presidential foreign policy describes these rules theta president sets to be followed during their terms in office, commonly referred to the presidential doctrines (Miles, 2013). The major presidential doctrine was first created by James Monroe, on the 2nd of December 1823. Theodore Roosevelt similarly revealed the major amendment to the Monroe…

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  • How To Lose Power In Brave New World

    ”(Huxley 89) Benard is already considered a outcast, he likes to be alone and does not really sleep with a lot of women as every one are suppose to. He hates that he cant be able to feel anything,but is forced to think that you are always happy. Forcing soma in him to make him feel completely out of it to where,he does not care anymore. In the text it states,”But I do,….It makes me feel as though…as though I were me, if you see what I mean.”(Huxley 90) Benard does not feel like he can be hisself…

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  • Sex, Love, And Marriage In Brave New World

    In chapter 13 of Brave New World we see a clash of values between John, Lenina and what our society feels regarding sex, love, and marriage. We read about how John feels and why he acts a certain way, and we also read about Lenina’s understanding to it. John a very religious man was brought up this way in the reservations. He was taught that there is a line between wrong and right. He knows that there are consequences to his actions, and firmly acts on it. We understand his deep devotion to…

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