Justifications For Brave New World Analysis

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Rohan Kumar
Dr. Nilak Datta
Modern Fiction – HSS F336
24th November, 2015
Justifications of Huxley’s clarification on the advancements in science
In the foreword to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the author clarifies his purpose of using science in the novel. He asserts that Brave New World is not about scientific advancements as much as it is about the effects that such an advancement has on the population at the individual level. The novel focuses on the ways in which human nature is altered to control each other through science, in the name of order and stability. The aim of this short paper is to illustrate that Huxley’s assertion is accurate. This paper covers two incidents – the dialogue between Mustafa Mond and John, and Director’s
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In his tour, he takes his students through the bottling process, the conditioning rooms. The class system in Brave New World is genetically driven. Chemicals are administered to embryos based on their function. While alphas’ bottles are given supreme nutrients, all the necessary precautions are taken to shunt an epsilon’s growth. For example, the epsilons were heat conditioned during the bottling process so that by the time they were decanted, the embryos had a horror of cold. They were predestined to work at the tropics and become miners and steel workers. The process is so intricately complex and advanced that even the presence of one minor defect, an alcohol in his blood surrogate, causes Bernard, an alpha male, to develop a delta-like height. The embryos are then put through the processes of hypnopaedic learning and Pavlovian conditioning where they are systematically made to mindlessly mimic the values of the society and love their function in the society, …show more content…
Scientific advancement has only been limited to cover this idea in its entirety and nothing more. We do not hear of new forms of weapons of mass destruction and interstellar explorations in the Brave New World. Brave New World really is a magnificent work of art that required a great deal of thought before being written. Hence, we conclude that Huxley’s comment on the role of science in ways of affecting individuals extensively (and not merely for the sake of advancement) is not only accurate but also profoundly

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