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  • Characteristics Of Human Body Idioms

    The Prominent Features of Human Body Idioms Human body idioms mainly express the relation between one’s body and the exteriour world by making connections between the functions of a particular body part and the general understanding of that specific function in relation to phenomena occuring in the world we live. (Jinming 54) For example, an idiom such as „know smth like the back/palm of one’s hand“ expresses the degree of familiarity with a certain fact or object, similar to the way in…

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  • Brave New World Vs 1984 Analysis

    The only form of currency is soma, a type of drug, which everyone is addicted to from an early age. The people only work to receive more of the drug. The vast majority of people have no desire to rebel or fight the system to change their lives because they do not have an moments of…

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  • Indonesia Tsunami Case Study

    Indonesia’s Tsunami Challenges: While others are trying to achieve world peace, I convince that Indonesia still needs to struggle reconsolidating with the nature. This consolidation refers to keeping the nature preserved from desolation while the society lives in peaceful minds being safe from disasters. According to Yulianto, et al. (2009), disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. are part of God’s gift along with the earth (including minerals, oil, gas, etc.) that both…

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  • Depression In Emil Kraepelin's Description Of Depression

    Review of Literature The Beginnings In fifth century that Hippocrates and his associates gave the description of depression as “Fear or sadness that last a long time mean melancholia” (Hippocrates, 1923–1931, Vol. IV, p. 185) in Greek. They defined it in a way similar to what we understand it as presently having deep sadness, worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness as the core symptoms and related symptoms like decreased interest in usual activities, social detachment, decreased sleep and…

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  • Characteristics Of The Greek Heroic Period

    Laila Tatum Mrs. Beachler World History 09 March 2016 The Greek Heroic Period The Greek Heroic Period spans roughly from 1200–750 B.C.E(Thirlwall).Greek heroes were, and continue to be, an important part of Ancient Greece, because of their supernatural accomplishments, mental, and physical strength. In addition to that, heroes are significant because they served as role models for the Greeks, but also expressed their own personal struggles; like private doubts, and accepting fate. The…

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  • Consumerism In Brave New World

    {Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World emphasizes the destructive outcomes of being unable to find a medium between wanton immorality and rigid moral standards, as well as the dangers of a perfect society.} Brave New World is set mostly in a futuristic, utopian society called “The World State” (Huxley, Brave New World 3), in the year “A.F. 632” (4). In this society, babies are mass-produced in identical batches and “decanted” (9) from bottles instead of born, and sex is used for pleasure and…

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  • High Calcium Pumps And Exchanger

    Calcium is the richest mineral in our body holding many functions during the human development. Ca2+ controls many cellular processes such as: metabolism, gene transcription, fertilisation, proliferation, hypertrophy, secretion, exocytosis, cardiac ventricular mechanisms, neuronal dopaminergic pacemaker mechanisms, contraction, coordination and thinking, (Rubin, 2016). These processes can occur anywhere between a few microseconds to hours to complete. The basal Ca2+ concentration of…

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  • Huxley's Use Of Conditioning In Brave New World

    Huxley Aldous Huxley was a 20th Century author whose works warned audiences about the dangers of technology. According to J.E Luebering in English Literature from the 19th Century through Today, some may know him as the author of The Devils of London which is a psychological study of a historical incident and group of seventeenth century French nuns who were crossed over by hysteria (176). This story is important because it shows Huxley’s desire to break free from the “bondage of ego” (Rolo 75)…

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  • Honestyy And Real-Life Themes In Pleasantville And The Brave New World

    through one’s thoughts and imagination. In ‘Pleasantville’ the uncolored citizens burn all the books because they do not understand. In both novel and movie the people are afraid of change. In Brave New World they simply numb the fear by taking the drug soma, but in the movie, which is not based on control but rather pleasantness, the characters are forced to face the change and accept…

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  • Shakespeare Quotes In Brave New World

    experienced such liberties before, John is shocked when he hears of having no break from enjoyment and seeing the immoral actions of citizens. John’s true character is revealed when he reverts to his use of Shakespeare later when he sees the use of soma and the creation of twins. The inventions used in the society of the New World shock John, and he is constantly uncomfortable wherever he is in London. John repeats his earlier enthusiasm with sour irony: “‘O brave new world…’ By some malice of…

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