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  • Nervous System Research Paper

    The nervous system makes it possible for animals to know and react to the environment around them. A change or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue is a stimulus. There can either be an internal or an external stimulus. Internal stimulus being something like hunger or pain, while external is more along the lines of a sound or an odor. The nervous system interprets stimuli and orders other organ systems to respond. The nervous system does so through using sensory…

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  • Huxley's Dystopian Society

    Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, although written more than eighty years ago, reflects the misconducts of the present day United States government. By taking inspiration from the issues in the world that he knew, Huxley was able to create a dystopian society, called the World State, where disease and poverty did not exist. Despite the lack of unemployment and crime, the citizens of the World State were unacquainted with natural human emotions and instincts. The World State manipulated its…

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  • Brain Research In Psychology

    part such as axon. Furthermore, it likewise epitomizes the core of the cell. Dendrites have fiber-like surface, where it fills in as an apparatus in gathering of data starting from different neurons. Axon is in charge of transmitting messages from the soma and towards different cells by means of tree-looking branch endings called axon…

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  • Brave New World Character Analysis Linda

    Linda and Pope drink mescal together which is Linda's adaptation to soma. Early in the book, Lenina’s friend Fanny tells her that it is indignant to stay mainly with one man, Lenina’s man being Henry Foster (page 29). It can then be assumed that in the civilized world the same would have applied to Linda who is frequently…

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  • Unorthodox In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    poetically), "the strongest suggestion our worser genius can, shall never melt mine honour into lust. Never, never!" he resolved” (Huxley 192). John the Savage is slowly learning, to a certain level, Shakespearean Hypnopedia. John also refuses to take soma because he believes that human emotions are natural and should not be suppressed by taking drugs. John creates an uprising in the square saying, “Don't take that horrible stuff. It's poison, it's poison” (Huxley 211). Going through John the…

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  • Science Fiction Writing: Fiction Or Prediction?

    Science Fiction Writing: Fiction or Prediction? Much like a window into our future’s worst nightmares, the science fiction genre allows one to get that “based on a true story” horror movie feel for what could happen to the world we know. The books and stories that fall upon this category are not supposed to be a foolproof, flawless prediction of the daily lives of future generations, but do often hold some truth in the erratic world of tomorrow since they are frequently based on real events.…

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  • The Nervous System

    Nervous system uses chemical and electrical signal to communicate from neurons to another at high speed. More than 100 billion neurons found in the brain. Basic part of what make neurons are consist of dendrites which receives send messages, cell soma which is the cell body that process and translate code messages, and the axon where processed messages pass through to communicate to other nerve cells. The axon…

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  • Reaction To Bernard's Success

    Bernard experiences a psychological shift due to his reaction, advantages, and failure with fame; it illuminates the theme fame changes people. The psyche of Bernard Marx is shifted when he experiences his first taste of fame. When Bernard first introduces Linda and John to civilization, his feelings of inferiority are dashed almost immediately and he feels accomplished: “A veneer of jaunty self-confidence thinly concealed his nervousness.” -pg. 46. This taste of fame and acceptance marks the…

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  • 1984 George Orwell Essay

    The chief concern of a stereotypical white girl in suburban America is when she will get her next mocha latte; whereas, the chief concern of a stereotypical factory worker in China is if what he just said could spell his end. These situations highlight how Neil Postman’s assertion about the relevance of Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future over the vision of George Orwell is merely a half truth because in the western hemisphere our immense technological prowess drives for innovations and…

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  • Brave New World Sex Analysis

    In “Brave New World” the people express themselves in many different ways. At one point in time, things became so bad and distressed that everyone thought it would be better for universal stability if the things that made them unique were taken away. Without emotions or emotional attachments then there is no chaos and things would run much more smoothly. This is how this society was formed. They are conditioned from birth, using hypnopaedia or ‘sleep-teaching’ and electroshock therapy, to not…

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