Six-Day War

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  • Valentine's Day: The Love Of My Life

    usual, but it was still a very nice night. Today was valentines day and I was taking a cab home from the airport where I work to my house in Brooklyn. A majority of my friends got the day off today but unfortunately not myself. Valentines day is one of my favourite times of the year and it was very disappointing that I could not get the day off. Valentines day is bittersweet for me. I met the love of my life a few years ago on this day. His name was Tom. He was always dressed in nice clothing,…

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  • High Quality Childcare

    “Public spending in ECEC also matters. Without sufficient public spending, there is a greater risk that access to ECEC programmes will be restricted to affluent families and that the quality of the programmes will vary” (OECD, 2013, Pg.4). According to Gestwicki, a good quality childcare service comprises of three essential components: Dynamics of quality, the framework of quality and context of quality (Gestwicki, 2012, Pg. 81). The context of quality consists of elements that are set outside…

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  • Mandatory Accreditation

    1.4.1 Perceived Benefits of Mandatory Accreditation The introduction of legislation for the mandatory accreditation of early childhood workers in Australia has a number of perceived benefits for the early childhood worker, and the early childhood sector as a whole. For the early childhood worker, added credibility, pro-fessionalism and status, with promised increased remuneration, benefits and promotion due to their increased knowledge, understanding and application of skills taught (Elliott,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Group Work

    Wednesday, Today was a good day. Today I lead a twelve step group for recovering alcoholics. In this particular group I was instructed not to use names and to try and make sure that I am I talking to everyone at one time, what my supervisor wanted to make sure was that everyone had their confediality kept. I was warned that some counselors would speak to a individual person and the other group embers would feel like whatever the counselor was saying the member was guilty of. I walked into the…

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  • Negative Effects Of Daycare On Children

    One of the biggest concerns for new parents is teaching their children how to interact with others. For this, day care centers do wonderful things in teaching kids how to play nicely with others while learning to overcome not getting their way. Day care center manager, (Smith) says, “75% of children in daycare do better in acclimating to school”, which shows just how much this is true. By seeing these statistics, many new parents can come to grips with the fear of letting their children out into…

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  • The Dilemma With Measuring Sin Analysis

    to say, while membership is important, we should also be reminding new believers often of the sacrificing love shown in the selfless act of Christ along with building them up to move from milk to meat. Nevertheless, regardless of having a good day or bad day, Christ has made it clear to us all that we all need his saving grace The Prodigal God The parable of the prodigal son is one of my favorites possibly because of how often it has been preached and how much I "thought" I knew all about its…

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  • Early Childhood Worker Accountability

    4.1 Early Childhood Worker Accountability All early childhood workers in Australia are accountable for their actions and interactions with the children in their care. They are governed and monitored by external agencies such as ACECQA and DEEWR who scrutinize their performance, regulate their pay rate and conditions of employment through industry awards and regulatory governance. Irrespective of credential, the early childhood worker is appraised by the way in which they interact with the…

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  • Child Abuse Vs Daycare

    could happen in daycare centers. I have seen my self as I stated In my previous sentence that in one particular day care center that I worked at I saw one child that was being abused and any abuse that a teacher see’s that they have to report to CPS. Which is child protective services. In the facility that I was working at the director of the school didn’t report the incident…

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  • Home Daycare Research Paper

    Why I Chose Commercial Over In Home Childcare You spend your days and nights feeding, rocking, changing, and snuggling your new baby, doing your best to sleep when they sleep. It’s a rough couple of weeks with a newborn, but you love every minute of it and you know all too soon you’ll have to return to work and leave that delicate, precious little person with a caregiver. There are various options out there: family, friends, in home daycares, and commercial daycare centers. Which option do you…

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  • Pay Gap Increase With Age Essay

    Shouldn’t The Gap Decrease With Age? The gap also increases with age. Younger men and women pay gaps are closer together and expand further apart as women get older. Ages 18 to 24 the gap is at 88%, at age 25 to 34 it lessens to an 86% difference, and after age 35 the gap closes to 76% of what men earn (consequences for women). Why would the gap widen with age, when the gap should close because of experience gained? This is because of what people would called the “mommy penalty”. The mommy…

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