Semi-automatic transmission

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  • Volkswagen T-Farle Research Paper

    surfaces with white backlighting. Gesture control, proximity sensors, and voice control are also utilized. The concept has a traditional steering wheel column, but it proposes a “drive by wire” arrangement for shifting gears — in effect, one that utilizes computer signals to operate the transmission. Other interior highlights include a digitalized instrument panel and infotainment display with a curved interaction area spanning the section in front of the driver like an arc. Notably, it also represents a design Volkswagen says will begin appearing in other VW products starting in 2017. Also present is a 12-inch instrument panel screen with 3D mapping when operated in navigation mode. A 15-inch infotainment head unit and 10.1-inch tablets snapping onto each backrest of the front seats are other tech features proposed. As for the seats, lounge-like rear seating for two is present. Powertrain Possibilities Given Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, advancing other fuel efficient options seems wise. Thus, the T-Prime Concept is powered by a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. An electric motor is also present and integrated into the transmission housing. This arrangement permits the SUV to travel 31 miles on electric power only while delivering 134 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque. The gasoline engine delivers 248 horsepower and 278 foot-pounds of torque; when full system power is needed, an explosive 516…

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  • Mercedes Benz, BMW And BMW: A Global Strategy

    Introduction We would argue that premium automobile industry and more specifically BMW; possess a global strategy. Within in this paper we will examine the strategy of the premium automobile industry as well as that of BMW’s through examples of each company’s actions. Furthermore; a discussion regarding the business structure of the company will be held. Once the structure has been identified we will explain why this all fits together and works; ultimately giving BMW a competitive advantage. In…

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  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Zeroshift

     The Zeroshift concept is to remove the synchromesh components within a manual transmission and replace them with Zeroshift rings, Figure 1. Synchronization is performed externally with the assistance of torque intervention performed by the engine control unit and an automated clutch (standard equipment in an AMT).  The Zeroshift rings act as a pair and represent a dog engagement type transmission. The unacceptable backlash found in dog engagement transmissions is eliminated by splitting the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun And Gun Control

    mother, Nancy Lanza, then after drove to his mother 's work where she happened to teach kindergarten. As he entered the school, he had killed six adults, one of them involving the school’s principal and twenty children. This shooting is said to become the second-deadliest in U.S. history. (Steve, Horwitz, Fahrenthold) As much as the husband with good intentions, decided to give his wife a gun for protection and no one would have ever guessed that Adam would grab a gun and decide to kill people,…

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  • Counter Arguments Against Gun Control

    This was one of the event that shock the nation a put back on top the agreement of Gun control to the eyes of the people. Even the former President Obama had something to say about this topic and hope that the nation would join together to the fight of gun control. The article By Shaina Negron, in CNN states 20-year-old Adam woke up one morning he grabbed three guns from the house, a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle, pistols made by Glock and a Sig-Sauer handgun. Adam Lana went inside the…

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  • Why Is Alcatraz Obsolete

    States; therefore, the amount of security that would have been in that prison is more than likely an excessive number. The water surrounding the island was not only freezing, but it was shark infested and the waves crashing against the solid rock would have made it almost impossible to swim. The naval defense had created walls ten feet thick to withstand cannon fodder. Therefore, making it extremely difficult to break through the walls without someone seeing or hearing, not to mention the…

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  • Repression Of The 2nd Amendment

    there was no such thing as an assault shotgun or assault pistol. The law essentially did the same thing pistols as it did for rifles. Pre ban there were machine pistols, but they were already highly restricted. The ban just changed the name to assault pistols and broadened the definition to include semi-automatics with two or more of the following features that also accept detachable magazines: threaded barrel, barrel shroud, an unloaded weight of 50oz, a semi-automatic version of fully…

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  • Why Guns Should Be Banned Essay

    themselves against tyranny? How could they? That is what the government wants. The world does not care who you are, if a good person has something a bad person wants, he will not obtain it legally. An example would the AR-15. Bad guys will obtain these illegally. Many would agree the “AR” is an acronym for Automatic Rifle, however that is incorrect. The actual acronym is ArmaLite Rifle which is the company that made the gun, such as GE (General Electric) who makes household appliances. A…

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  • Essay On Political Ideologies

    Another circumstance that I believe abortion is acceptable is if the woman’s life is endangered. On the other hand, abortions should not be legal as another form of birth control that many see it as today. Between my beliefs and exposure to current events, I see abortion as a last case scenario. The topic that I feel the most passionately about is gun control. I believe citizens have the right to own a firearm, provided to us by the Second Amendment. That being said I do believe there should…

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  • Gun Control In Australia Research Paper

    Evan Gardiner Gardiner 1 English Ms. H. Bodanis Effectiveness of Gun Control: From Australia to the United States of America On April 28th, 1996, Martin Bryant entered the Broad Arrow café, in Port Arthur, ate a meal and slaughtered 12 people. Port Arthur is a former penal colony on the southeast coast of Tasmania. He committed this atrocity with a semi-automatic rifle. He then left the café and continued through a gift shop, parking lot and finally to a gas station killing 22 more…

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