Advantage And Disadvantage Of Zeroshift

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 The Zeroshift concept is to remove the synchromesh components within a manual transmission and replace them with Zeroshift rings, Figure 1. Synchronization is performed externally with the assistance of torque intervention performed by the engine control unit and an automated clutch (standard equipment in an AMT).
 The Zeroshift rings act as a pair and represent a dog engagement type transmission. The unacceptable backlash found in dog engagement transmissions is eliminated by splitting the dog into two halves. The first Zeroshift ring is engaged to take up drive whilst the second Zeroshift ring is brought in afterwards to take up the backlash.
 Each ring is double-faced where one face can only drive in one direction and the opposite face
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This has the following benefits:
 Automated gear shift
 Improved fuel economy compared with torque converter automatic transmission
 Improved acceleration performance compared with manual transmission
 Improved shift quality compared with manual transmission
 Easy to manufacture
 Another is the system’s versatility since it gives manufacturers the option to introduce automatic gearboxes or semi-autos with minimal expense or complexity.
 The performance is there. The fuel economy gain is there. You’re always in the right gear if you put it in ‘drive’. It’s good for emissions and it’s good for the stability of the bike – you’re not interrupting the torque so you’re less likely to lose control during a shift.
 With constant torque providing acceleration, as well as smoother changes, the vehicle is more stable and benefits from higher levels of control, allowing gear changes while cornering as well as improving pulling

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