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  • The Importance Of Community Of Practice

    points, we all have a community of practice. In which we can relate to having a significant event that has helped us identify ourselves as experts, within our community. In my case, my community of practice involves my number one hobby which is playing the violin. This takes place in a mariachi group here in the community of San Bernardino. Not to mention, this community of practice has been expertise within my community for a long period of time. I’ve been part of it since it established in February 2009. This mariachi group is involved with people that want to strive for a better performance and a fundamental achievement of better musicians. We take our weekly practices very serious and put all of our effort into it. Not only, but we also gather unique and talented musicians to learn more about the fundamentals of music. This community of practice is uniquely organized and motivates the community to grow within traditional mariachi music.…

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  • San Bernardino Shooting Case Study

    San Bernardino shooting came as a shock to the citizen, the community and the country, during the event there we several instance of community interaction with the police in order to narrow down the location of the suspect. Law enforcement officer from several different agencies participated in the search and termination of the shooters. The suspect and his targeted a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party, that had approximately 80 employees. At…

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  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Case Study

    facility provides a full range of acute and psychiatric services, inpatient, and outpatient services and is also a teaching hospital. The medical center has three off site primary care clinics, which are the extensions of the outpatient services. The hospital houses multitude of services, which consist of: acute care hospital, outpatient (ambulatory) services, behavioral health and diagnostic and treatment services. The hospital utilizes 366 inpatient beds, which are situated in private rooms.…

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  • Josie Essay Conclusion

    a math professor was very enlightening. Mrs. Smith taught well by explaining problems step by step that made the information being taught clear and easy to pick-up and learn. “The final in this class was a piece of cake!” Josie said. She attended Chaffey for a year before deciding to put college on hold in order to better provide for her family. She began to work at an entry level position for a while. She learned that working at her job because of the pay and her experience was not going to be…

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  • Ecology Of Fear Analysis

    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States following New York City on the East Coast. This idolized city that many have nicknamed, L.A., rests within the southern region of the ‘Golden State’ of California. Los Angeles is most widely known for its mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sprawling metropolis, and for also housing a major center of the American entertainment industry. The worldwide popularity L.A. has received, stems from the city being the source of many…

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  • College Essay On Becoming A Nurse

    I was born and lived in San Jose, California up to the age of thirteen years old. Right before high school my parents decided to relocate to Modesto, California. While living in Modesto, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember how it was difficult to watch my mother go through the symptoms of diabetes. She was losing weight, she was always tired and her vision started to deteriorate. It made me feel so helpless. I recall going with my mother to her doctor appointments, and seeing…

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  • California Gold Rush Research Paper

    The California gold rush of the 1840’s and 50’s was no exception. It all started in 1848 when a newspaper based in San Francisco called “The Californian” first broke the news of gold in the area. “GLORIOUS SUCCESS! AT THE BEE HIVE!! UNPARALLELED IN CALIFORNIA!!!” Once the news broke, people moved to California by the thousands and interest by the states grew larger and larger by the day. Furthermore, America saw that a great deal of people were already coming to California from other parts of…

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  • How Did The California Gold Rush

    Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. This ended the Mexican-American War leaving California in the hands of the United States. At that time the population of the territory consisted of 6,500 people of Spanish or Mexican decent; 700 foreigners (primarily Americans); and 150,000 Native Americans. (William Kelly Gold Rush Document 1849 paragraph 2). The value of gold brought people from all over the world to the area. Gold was so attractive because it is one of the most useful minerals. It can…

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  • Essay On Mexican Mission System

    The mission systems for Mexican-American history involved a wide view, during its retrospect it was known as a sequence of missions that were established by Franciscan Monks in California and in the Spanish Southwest that obligated Indians into converting to Catholicism to employ themselves as agricultural laborers. An overall Mexican California that was an outbreak of dramatic strain that initiated the pros and cons of the mission system because of the changes in politics, religion, and…

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  • Events Of The Hippie Movement

    1890s to teach and lecture on their beliefs. Because of these new options of religion, this allowed Hippies to further their movement of exploring beyond the common standards in America at this time. They also began to explore yoga, meditation, and Eastern spirituality for the first time. Hippies promoted free love as the ability to be with whomever you wish, whenever you wish; this was commonly stigmatized. They thought of love as a way to combat the societal ills of gender inequality, racial…

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