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  • What Are Abigail's Motives In The Crucible

    During the Puritan Era, in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, it began with a group of girls who wander off into the wilderness. While dancing, they were caught by the town minister Reverend Parris. One of the girls, Betty, who happened to be the daughter of Reverend Parris, descends into a coma. Moments later, a crowd begins to form around Parris’ home while rumors about witchcraft spread through the town. In the play, The Crucible, many of the characters have their own personal motives that go…

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  • Salem Witch Trials Vs Holocaust

    What do the Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trails have in common?.The Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials have several things in common, even though the two took place in different time frames . In the Holocaust and Salem Witch Trials they both compared how the women and the Jews were pushed out of society, how they were seen in the community and the effect they both had on our world's history. The Witch Trials began in the spring of 1962 after a group of girls claimed to be processed by the…

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  • Magna Charta Analysis

    In the early 13th, the English Barons forced their tyrannical monarch, King John, to sign the revered Magna Charta. Their justifications for revolting against the crown originated with the ideas if protecting and defending the rights of loyal British subjects by providing due process and representation for the subjects. The principles once fought for, went largely unheeded by the colonists contemporaries in Parliament. Although the colonists made numerous requests to be treated as loyal subjects…

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  • Samuel Pepy's 'The Great Plague'

    document in anticipation of a soul search. However, thanks to Samuel Pepys we have an un-edited, un-filtered first hand account of what it was like to be in the midst of some of the most momentous events in English history. Pepys bore witness to and recorded the second Anglo-Dutch war, the Great Fire of London, and what the Restoration or even the Great Plague was like experience. And while these events can be found in history books, Samuel Pepys’ diary brings something to the table that a…

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  • Isaac Allerton The Mayflower Summary

    My Mayflower ancestor is Isaac Allerton who was written to be a “proper saint,” meaning that he was a Leyden Separatist. He was a tailor in London at the time of his departure on the Mayflower. There are conflicting reports of Allerton’s age when he came over to the new world, which range from age 34 to 37. He boarded the Mayflower with his wife Mary, their three children, and his tailor apprentice, John Hooke. The individuals on the Mayflower were mostly farmers with limited resources to…

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  • How Did Abigail Williams Influence The Crucible

    Abigail Williams’ has not only held a tremendous influence over Salem, but she has changed the lives of many. Tituba was the first person she accused of witchcraft. She was the maid of Abigail’s uncle who was very kind to her. Since the accusations against her, she lost her job working for the family and she also received a bad reputation within the community. Tituba also had to confess to witchcraft so she wouldn’t be hanged, and that was a major decision she had to make. Elizabeth was another…

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  • What Is Reverend Hale's Reaction To The Crucible

    The Crucible is a story based on a true that happened in history. The play is based in a place called Salem, MASSACHUSETTS in the wood where a guy named Reverend Parris find his niece and daughter plus other girls dancing and later finds out they were conjuring spirits to hurt people Abigail was making a spell to kill goody Proctor. They also found out that Abigail had an affair with MR. Proctor. When they get back Reverend Parris’ daughter Betty and some other girls become sick and the doctors…

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  • Summary Of Lisa Kasmer's 'Mapping The Nation'

    In the “Mapping the Nation” seminar presented by Lisa Kasmer, many different aspects of mapping in relation to British imperialism were discussed. Another way Britain showed their assumed superiority over other nations was through mapping. One example Kasmer discussed was the mapping of India. This map was just one of the many in King George’s topographical map collection. Since the British made the made, only their territories were identified through the color red, shading, and titles, etc. In…

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  • How Did The Creoles Fight

    Although the Creoles made up only 23% of the population, they were the ones who lead the fight for Latin American independence. The Latin American revolution took place between 1810 and 1826. The Revolution was lead by the Creoles, people born in America, but of pure Spanish blood. The Creoles led the fight for independence because they wanted more power and to break free of Spain’s economic control all while maintaining their social dominance over the lower classes. The Creoles wanted to…

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  • What Was The Role Of The Salem Witchcraft In 1692

    The salem witch trials were a line of hearings and prosecutions of people charged with witchcraft in Massachusetts between february 1692 and may 1693. These witch trials resulted in many innocent women accused and be set on trial and latter be hung. Many women have died from this act. This was a very important act when it was going on in 1692 because everyone believed in this act. Bridget Bishop was the first person to be found guilty for the practice of witchcraft and was found guilty and was…

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