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  • Fellowship Of The Ring Fodo's Relationship

    the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, the characters Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins share a very intimate friendship. One could even say they were brothers. Sam displays signs of deep concern for Frodo throughout the film. This is shown in the way he looks at Frodo, taking risks to protect him, and so forth. Frodo does the same for Sam, but in a less risky sense. He cares for him deeply, but doesn’t seem to take the same life threatening risks Sam does in order to do what is right for the relationship. In one part of the film, Frodo was departing on a boat, while Sam had jumped in the water declaring he wasn’t going anywhere without Frodo. Frodo, realizing this, yelled to Sam, explaining that he was unable to swim. Sam nearly drowned, but this displayed his seriousness about the relationship, and how much he truly cared for Frodo. They…

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  • Epic Of Gilgamesh Genre Analysis

    More often than not, the hero will have friends by their side. They will have their Samwise Gamgee, their Samwell Tarly, a friend who will always remain by their side to carry them up any obstacles. When the protagonist has that one moment of despair, when they can’t go on any further and don’t know how to go forth, they need that one true companion to help overcome the odds. I’m lucky to have not one, but two, friends like this. Having a good friend to help can be just what people need.…

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  • Power In J. R. Tolkien's The Return Of The King

    Sauron’s Ring. Bilbo is reluctant to give the Ring to Gandalf, and in the end, Frodo ultimately battles with his will to pitch the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor. Just as the ring controlled Gollum’s mind and will, it consequently became a trial for Frodo to overcome. Frodo’s trial was extensive and arduous; he felt anger, pain, exhaustion, and pity for the creature Gollum. He discerned what the One Ring could do to the mind, and therefore, he struggled to reach the end. Bearing…

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  • The Hobbit: Or There And Back Again Analysis

    doorsteps of the dwarves’ home, the Lonely Mountains, and has been brought by my dwarfish friends and Gandalf a fortnight ago. It has been found out that Mr. Frodo and I have the same date of birth!” Everyone shouted something like, ‘Happy birthday Mr. Frodo!’ to Frodo. Bilbo continued on with his speech, “This hobbit wanted me to adopt him. For a fortnight I have been thinking of this. Right now, I declare that I, in the name of Baggins, adopt Mr. Frodo as my heir!” Silence filled the place.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Of Moving

    and I do not remember much. At the beginning of 2005, end of second grade, my Dad got a new job and he moved to Pennsylvania. Growing up in Connecticut and moving to Pennsylvania is a huge move for a child, especially at a young age. Slowly my house filled with cardboard boxes, and the rooms became empty. I was dog lying helplessly, as the family pack up to go off to vacation. I am greatful that my friend Jack was there for me. I would often spend weekends at his house, and him and his mom…

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  • The Hobbit Adventure

    sports like soccer, swimming, and basketball have all sprouted from a desire to experience the world that I am a part of and beyond. For me, Lord of the Rings explored what it meant to be a man, or a boy at the time. In the story, there are only three characters that play a pivotal role. With the many different social cues and trends, it is hard to know what a man is supposed to be. Growing up a Catholic, my father was an obvious example along with the many figures of the Bible. However,…

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  • A Comparison Of The Lord Of The Flies And The Lord Of The Flies

    The companions are not obliged to stay, but in both Lord of the Flies and the Lord of the Rings love or the loyalty of friendship keeps Sam, and Piggy devoted to serving alongside their designated hero. Samwise Gamgee, one of the most fainthearted hobbits to ever live in the Shire follows Frodo all the way to Mordor. Despite Frodo warning him of the dangers, Sam responds with, “I know that well enough, Mr. Frodo. Of course you are. And I 'm coming with you”. More than just mere loyalty and the…

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  • Why Is It Important To Exist Within Community?

    work requires great, extravagant, amazing grace! “Grace that is greater than all our sin.” Galatians 6:1-2 uses five words that are especially helpful to know why it is important to live in community. “Caught. Restore. Gently. Watch. Carry.” We cannot carry out this great work without that wonderful, uncomfortable grace. We are a “flawed people living in the confusing intersection between the fallen world and uncomfortable grace, and we need gentle guidance and help.” We are here to help…

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