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  • The Importance Of The Quartering Act

    In 1765, two years after the end of the French and Indian War, Parliament passed the Quartering Act; the act stated that the colonies in America were to provide British soldiers with anything that they needed, such as room and board. However, a seven-year war had just ended for the colonists, the conflict between Britain and France over. Keeping British soldiers in the colonies was unnecessary, and an excessive requirement during peacetime when the colonies would have to pay for the provisions…

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  • The Crucible Act Structure Essay

    Consisting of four consecutive acts, numerically speaking, The Crucible falls only a single act short of becoming classified under the Shakespearean five-act structure. Particularly, Aristotle believed that all pieces of poetry, including drama had three consecutive parts: a beginning, a middle and an end. By using beliefs of Aristotle, the Shakespearean five- act structure emerged. Modifications of the Shakespearean five-act structure were used in telling the story of Salem through Miller’s…

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  • Peter Zenger Trial

    (October 26, 1697 – July 28, 1746) was a German American printer and journalist in New York City. Zenger printed The New York Weekly Journal. He was accused of libel in 1734 by William Cosby, the governor of New York, but the jury acquitted Zenger, who became a symbol for freedom of the press. . In 1733, Zenger began printing The New York Weekly Journal, in which the journal voiced opinions critical of the colonial governor, William Cosby. On November 17, 1734, on Cosby's orders, the sheriff…

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  • How Did The Salem Witch Trials

    Witchcraft took place in many places around the world, including Salem, Massachusetts, England, and Scotland. Most people that were accused of being witches rejected Jesus and holy sacraments. Also, they were said to have made pacts with evil spirits. Although Witchcraft occurred in some places earlier than others, it had the same concept everywhere. One of the many places where witchcraft was popular was in Salem, Massachusetts. Witchcraft accusations started when people started…

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  • Esteemed Colonist: The Boston Tea Party

    Esteemed Colonist, You are formally invited to the Boston Tea Party. If we all work together, it is likely we can succeed in repealing the tea act. We need to show the government that we, the colonists, will stand up for what we think is right. The British government has imposed a new tax on tea. This is a ridiculous and unfair tax on us and we can’t afford to pay it. The government has already established several new taxes to line their own pockets, and enrich their soldiers. We have had to…

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  • American Independence DBQ

    [introduction] The fight for American Independence began in 1765. However, Americans have long been fighting for their freedom many years before the war actually begun. They were tired of being under British Rule. The main cause of the war dates back in the early 1760s, when the British continuously taxed the colonies. They felt that it was the colonies duty to help pay for the Seven Years War that had just passed. Unfortunately, the British didn’t know that taxing the colonies was only going…

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  • The Constitution Importance

    The constitution is the backbone of the United States because without it where would were we be in life. The Bill of Rights, or first 10 amendments, was created to define our civil liberties as American citizens. There is quite a history that surrounds the founding of the Bill of Rights with almost 200 years of hindsight that gave us what we have today. The major parts of the Bill of Rights are the amendments, the federalists versus the anti-federalists and how our world would be different if we…

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  • Samuel Pepys Research Paper

    Annotated Works Cited CCA Bryand, Arthur “Samuel Pepys” Encyclopædia Britannica, February 15, 2007, accessed February 14, 2017 Encyclopaedia Britannica’s article about Samuel Pepys gives an account of Pepys’ life and career in detail. It describes his education at Magdalene College and then his marriage to Elizabeth Marchant de Saint-Michel. After this, it explains his lengthy career in naval administration, where he greatly increased England’s…

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  • Dbq Essay On The Boston Massacre

    The boston Massacre was not a spur of the moment kind of thing. There had been tension between the British and Colonist for a while. The Colonist think that the British have been abusing their power and using it for putting many taxes over the colonies. There was many debates on British taxes, especially the navigation and sugar act. As the British kept piling on taxes the Colonies had enough and finally decide to have the protest which led to the Boston Massacre. Many documentations or pictures…

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  • Paul Revere's Critique Of The 'Bloody Massacre'

    In their action of separating from the British, the colonists were justified. They were unfairly treated, taxed, and constantly had demanded the same rights as the other British subjects, but never had received it. When the british decided to tax the colonists to raise money, the colonies had grown even more angry. The Stamp Act for example, required colonists only in North America, to purchase special stamped paper for every legal document, license, newspaper, pamphlet, and almanac. This made…

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