Same-sex relationship

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  • Political Intersectional Analysis

    and class. “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage” addresses political intersectionality and queerness by directing our attentions to the fact that people from all these groups exist within the LGBT community as well. There are a number of people with intersectional identities who are forced to endure distinctive patterns of tyranny, discrimination and exclusion.…

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  • Heterosexual Communication Patterns

    Same-Sex and Heterosexual Relationships in Same-sex and Heterosexual “Straight couples may have a lot to learn from gay and lesbian relationships,” Gottman (1) There have been many findings through many research comparing ‘same-sex’ relationships patterns in communication vs. heterosexual. Many of these research like, Gottman and Green, have demonstrated the differences that both topics have in communication in a relationship. Gottman said it, research suggest that same-sex…

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  • The Benefits Of Legalization Of Gay Marriage

    Gay marriage, or to be more politically correct, same-sex marriage, has been the debate of the century. Now to me, this particular situation has been stretched to its limit. No one has the right to say how an individual lives their life. The previous laws that were being followed and argued over were made a couple hundred years ago. Times have changed, and relationships are no longer the same. Although the original laws were based on particular religion, now many more beliefs are widely accepted…

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  • Religion Pros And Cons

    live in states where gay couples can wed.” Numerous newspapers and websites announced that gay and lesbian couples were getting married within hours of the decision. Nevertheless, the fight is not over. Some opponents express that legalization of same-sex marriage is a decision that should be left to the discretion of the people. However, one situation in California may force one to reassess his thoughts. Unlike representative democracy, in which citizens elect representatives who make laws,…

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  • Same-Sex Marriage Paragraphs

    this would be same sex marriage, which lately has been drawing more attention then usual due to the fact that soon there is to be a Supreme Court decision on it. All together, I am for same sex marriage and although some people believe that the Supreme Court will either make or break same sex marriage I do not believe that. In he following paragraphs, it will illustrate the views of both those who are for and against same sex marriage, discredit some arguments that are against same sex marriage,…

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  • Same Sex Marriage In The United States: A Comparative Analysis

    Same Sex Marriage Marriage is a legal union between two people. When these two people are of the same gender, it is called same sex marriage. Same sex marriage laws are accomplished through court rulings based on the constitutions, or through a direct popular vote. As of 2015, same sex marriage is legal in some countries; however, it is explicitly banned in some countries. Seventeen countries, including the United States, legally recognize same sex marriage (Flores, 2015). Netherlands was the…

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  • Same Sex Marriage: The Case Of Bush V. Al Gore

    The hot topic I will be summarizing is the same-sex marriage. This video talks about two lawyers that once went against each other in the case of Bush v. Al Gore. Now there teaming up together to get same-sex marriage approved. This issue was brought up when California had passed the same-sex marriage bill. Certain people were not happy with it and sadly proposition 8 was formed. What proposition 8 is that it eliminated all same-sex couple marriage in the state of California. There was no live…

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  • Gay Marriage Debate

    nontraditional relationships. This includes bestiality, polygamy, and even incest. In our society, these types of relationships are not acceptable, and even illegal in some states. This branches off of the idea that our nation is accepting, and even promoting, sin against God. There is no reason to believe that the acceptance of gay marriage will lead to the acceptance of other nontraditional relationships. In gay marriage, both people are normally consenting to the relationship. When it comes…

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  • Same Sex Attractual Analysis

    What are the experiences of same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people in Australia? Include analysis of family life, relationships, discrimination, and health outcomes. Same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people in Australia are faced with a plethora of challenges when attempting to navigate life as a minority in a Heteronormative world. For the purpose of this essay, same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people is an inclusive term, used to reinforce that gender and…

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  • Gay Marriage: The Consequences Of Same-Sex Marriage

    Same-sex marriage will be accepted Did you ever experienced that your love is different from others and the love is not allowed by law or accepted by others? In 2004, same-sex marriage had been banned in 11 states after Massachusetts recognized same-sex marriage; some company, such as Christian school, reject or fire those people who have same-sex marriage. After ten years struggle, the situation of the same-sex marriage has been much better, which are a lot of states recognized same-sex…

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