Same-sex relationship

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Live In America

    I am glad I live in America because we are free. we can laugh and play and not get in trouble until we break the law. America's gift to my generation Our opportunity to forge my own future and religious freedom. not all people get to pick their own job, but in America we can pick our job we want. we can pick to be a doctor in America but some people can't pick their job. if you are like in Europe you can't pick your job they pick it for you. If I take a test and I failed they will take me…

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  • The Importance Of Good In America

    This is America! We have tons and tons of awesome things here. Here we are safe from outsiders. Audience of the VFM here's my essay. The America I believe in. I believe that there's a lot of good in America. But sometimes there’s not. But right now I’m talking about the good right now. We have freedom and everyone likes that. We can do anything legal. For example, most countries arrange weddings and the bride doesn’t like that guy. But they still have to marry that guy.They want to marry this…

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  • Argument Summary: Representative Julio Gonzalez

    mention sexual orientation. In addition Gonzalez wants to empower adoption agencies to refuse to place children in homes with two lesbians all due to their religious convictions and also allow individuals and small companies to refuse service on the same grounds. Gonzalez has already implemented this bill in Arkansas and Indiana. I for one do not support his bill because health insurance should be available for everyone, religion shouldn’t be used to discriminate others, and if the bill becomes…

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  • Gender Roles In The Works Of Oscar Wilde

    Homosexual relationships were part of the reason that Wilde was so opposed to the standards of society. If every relationship needed a woman to work in the house and a man to interact in social affairs, then how could a gay partnership work? Male-male relationships at the time got no support. For these reasons Wilde believed that roles should be determined by the individuals in the specific situations. Now two relationships are the same and therefore no two relationships should have exactly the…

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  • Tarzan And The Apes: A Cultural Analysis

    According to Conger (2015) it was illegal in the United States for all men to be topless in public up until the late 1930’s. Even bathing suits for men had to cover their nipples, and it was fortified that the suit be loose instead of form fitting. Conger went on to discuss how the movie Tarzan and the Apes started a domino effect when Johnny Weissmuller wore only a loincloth in the film, thus showing his chest. Due to Weissmuller doing so, it lead to more shirtless males in movies which then…

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  • Charles Darwin's Slippery Slope Theory

    Beginning with Darwin’s The Descent of Man (1871) where he stated “He will be forced to admit that the close resemblance of the embryo of man to that, for instance, of a dog - the construction of his skull, limbs and whole frame on the same plan with that of other mammals, independently of the uses to which the parts may be put - the occasional re-appearance of various structures, for instance of several muscles, which man does not normally possess, but which are common to the Quadrumana…

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  • Genderless Pronouns

    Genderless Pronouns Article Response A student of the University of Vermont believes there should be genderless pronouns to label trans genders. Gieselman has encouraged her friends to refer herself to “they” rather than “he” or “she.” According to The New York Times, publisher Julie Scelfo states, “They” has become an increasingly popular substitute for “he” or “she” in the transgender community, and the University of Vermont, a public institution of some 12,700 students, has agreed to use…

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  • Homosexism And Homophobia

    against people that are not considered to follow the “norms” in today’s society has been a major discussion in our class. Our current event was, also, a perfect example of a same-sex couple being that they almost potentially had their foster child removed and being denied their right to adopt for no reason other than being in a same-sex marriage. They are perfectly fit parents, and also already have custody of two other children, who want to adopt their foster child. The event this couple had to…

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  • Sikh Religions

    they decided to make a new religion with practices from both religions, while still keeping Hinduism and Islam separate religions (Borak 54). The originality helps make this religion special in its own unique way. They believe every human is of the same sex even though chastity is not allowed. Women are equal to all men. Sikhs do not believe in burning women, women wearing veils, or marriages to widows. However, all people are treated equally, regardless of birth or upbringing. Therefore, they…

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  • Gender Identity Rights: Gavin Grimm's Case

    very strongly about this issue and fight for who they are. It appears the government is treating people with gender identity issues just as colored people were treated in the past. Sadly, they are discriminating against them and not giving them the same rights as everyone else; they should not be required to fight for them. Truthfully, I believe Transgender people should have the right to choose which bathroom correlates to their gender he/she identifies with.…

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