Same-sex relationship

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  • Why Is Pope Francis Be Gay

    “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” asked Pope Francis during a news conference aboard the papal flight on its way back from Brazil, Monday, July 29, 2013. Pope Francis reached out to gays, saying he wouldn 't judge priests for their sexual orientation in a remarkably open and wide-ranging news conference as he returned from his first foreign trip. Why can’t you marry the love of your life? Why can’t you spend the rest of your life with a person…

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  • Formal Social Controls: How Laws Affect My Family

    society change, old laws may be altered or overwritten and new laws may be established. As I am not a United States citizen and I am in same-sex relationship with an African American woman, immigration and same-sex marriage laws greatly affect my family. Laws regarding immigration have been frequently altered in the past, and a recent law has been passed legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the United States of America. This exemplifies the fact that laws change along with our dominant…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Equal Law For Everyone

    today 's society many people face these issues against the traditional views and are unable to walk down the aisle hand and hand with their significant other. The topic at hand is still questioned on whether gay marriage, the matrimony between the same sex, should be legal. Gay marriage should be legalized based on the equalization of people, the acceptance of homosexual marriage in other countries and states, and because of out civil liberties of pursuit of happiness. We live in a world where…

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  • Effects Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

    Government 2306 Calvin c. Bluiett May 05, 2016 Same sex marriage effects on children Marriage is the state of uniting pure bond between man and woman as husband and wife religiously and legally. Same-sex marriage is the union between the same genders of a person. Same-sex marriage has slowly become a vital factor in today’s society. Marriages have always been valued as a religious belief and legal commitment between two different genders. Hence, same sex marriages should not be legalized.…

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  • Pro Homosexual Marriage

    A marriage is a relationship between two people that love each other. Many couples are desired to get married not only for the recognition of relationship from the society, but also the ultimate expression of love towards each other. It is a relationship between two people, and that they arSame sex marriage may be a topic that a lot of individuals in the world have had their own opinions and considerations on. Since, America has a large population, individuals see homosexuals to be abnormal. To…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Women's Fight For Equality

    fighting for their rights is what it has always been about. They have come so far in gaining the right to vote, work, run for president, play different sports, divorce, live and now are given the opportunity to even be in relations and marry the same sex. As far…

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  • Doma Pros And Cons

    It was in 2007 when Edith Windsor married Thea Spyer in Toronto, Canada because of its legality. In 2009 Spyer passed away and left behind her substantial estate to Windsor. The couple resided in New York; at that time the state recognized their out of state marriage to be legal. Nevertheless, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not recognize their marriage for the spousal estate tax exception due to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Under Section three of DOMA, the federal government did…

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  • Gay Rights-What's Wrong With Being Happy?

    Mrs. Dewhirst Language Arts III February _,2016 Gay Rights--What’s wrong with Being Happy? “The only difference between my gay friends and I [sic] is who we choose to love (“Pink Quotes”).Homosexuals should be able to have the same rights as heterosexuals do. Gay marriage has been widely discussed over the years. It’s been considered taboo for centuries but is now gaining acceptance from people. As of 2014, there were currently 37 states that legalized gay marriage, but…

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  • Symbols Against Gay Marriage

    Gay marriage is not something that I necessarily support but I am not totally against it. I don’t care if you want to marry someone of the same sex, but do not kiss or do other things in front of me. There are people who are against it and there are people who are totally for it. Everyone has their opinions about things and I do not judge anyone for their opinions. Many people may not agree with what others have to say, but you have to realize that everyone has their own opinion. On June 26,…

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  • Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

    has been a controversial topic ever since the LGBT community confronted society about their rights as an individual. Even though same-sex marriage was officially made legal across all 50 states since June 26, 2015, same- sex couples and rights activists have felt the discrimination they always have, if not worse (Steverman). Even though it is officially legal for same-sex couples to get married, not everyone agrees with this statement. Gay marriage should be legal because not everyone practices…

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