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  • Lizzie Harlow: A Short Story

    The old lady had a broom in her hands and the 7-year-old was afraid she would try to scoot her away with it. Who knows? Maybe she might even hit her with it. Lizzie slipped the two cut roses into her jacket pocket. She also put the scissors back into her school back pack and took a defensive stance. She put her hands on her hips and made a face at the old lady. Cranky Crandall, don 't think about hitting me okay, because then you will be Cranky and Crazy Crandall!” yelled Lizzie at Mrs.…

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  • Knights In The Middle Ages Essay

    them much more brave thinking that god was controlling their actions. Also, to be able to put your faith into a “higher power”, took a bit of the weight off of the knights’ shoulders as they rode into battle. Knights are mainly known for their bravery, weaponry, and Code of Conduct. However, it is fairly uncommon to hear what knights did for entertainment during their lives. Knights during this time period competed in Jousting Tournaments. Jousting is where two knights are on horseback, and…

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  • Medieval Tournaments Analysis

    The military, social, and political systems in Medieval Times were impacted and influenced by the Medieval tournaments in all aspects of daily life. Medieval tournaments were a source of entertainment for all people in the society regardless of status. A Medieval Tournament was a series of mounted and protected battles, battled as challenges, in which many soldiers contend and the one that wins through the last round or that completes with the best record is pronounced the champ and is honored…

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  • The Fastest Growing Industry: The Esports Industry

    That 's right, these tournaments often pull a much larger than sports competitions such as the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals, often competing for prize pools of millions of dollars. Little to everyone 's knowledge, this is also an industry that has existed since the 1970s and has silently been on the rise through decades. This boasting industry that has been exploding within the past several years is the eSports industry. There are many, many people, especially in today 's…

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  • The Role Of Life In Medieval Times

    Life during the medieval period was either great or very difficult. This depended on a person's family history and their classification. Ruling, clergy, middle, and peasant were the four main types of classifications during the medieval times. People in the ruling and the clergy class usually had the best of everything, so their lives were great. Life was very difficult for the middle- class people and the peasants. Most of them did not have much at all. Many peasants would go days without…

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  • Esports Are Not A Sport Essay

    Well I bring this up due to the controversial topic of “Esports aren’t really a sport” and how I disagree with this popular viewpoint. Esports have many traits that are found in other socially accepted sport such as football when a large group is required to work in a coordinated fashion under ample amounts of stress in short periods of time. This is only one of many similarities that Esports shares with other sports that will be discussed. First and foremost, Esports has a captivating…

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  • Essay On Renaissance Festival

    Life must have been irrational back in early Europe. Slap happy, drunken, and crazed people was all there was back then. The only rational people were the King and Queen, and any other royalty. A lot of stuff has changed since the medieval times in Europe, and to experience it was extraordinary. At some point time I had learned about the medieval times and what it was like, but never really experienced it. What exactly is the Renaissance Festival? I found this to be a reoccurring thought on the…

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  • Jousting Tournament

    Jousting Tournaments In the medieval times Jousting was a famous sport The process of becoming a knight was not a simple or easy task, in order to be a knight you needed to have the right connections, although you can become a knight as a free man but because of horses, armour, and weapons were so expensive it was more common for a noble or wealthy man to become a knight. Your journey to becoming a knight started at the age of seven, of which you would be called a Page, the job of being a…

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  • Alexander Mcqueen Analysis

    It is a shell of pure silk organza that is moulded with boning and draped with real and embroidered silk flowers. Flowers are seen as an arrangement and an analogy for the conciseness of life. The flowers used on the dress represent a garden; hence, the colours used could mean that it is a bouquet of roses. Mostly, a bouquet of roses has different colours such as purple which signifies a love that is most delicate as well as confidence. One also finds flowers of different shades of pink which…

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  • Jasmine: Flowers, A Symbolism Of Love

    Jasmine Flowers have always been a symbol of love. It defines the beauty of nature as well. Among flowers, there are certain kinds which have prominent status. Jasmine is one of them. Because of its beauty, fragrance and appearance it always inspired poets and writers to use this particular flower as a metaphor for the expression of their love. The word jasmine has been used differently in different ages. But its eternal meaning didn’t change with different cultures. In literary term,…

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